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Tanks and Cannons

Don’t worry, I’m not going to explode. My outfit has nothing to do with tanks and cannons. I just had my outfit shots taken with the tanks and cannons at PMA, Baguio. icon smile Tanks and Cannons

pma baguio Tanks and Cannons

This is supposed to be a summery outfit with my bright coral pants and fringe top. Unfortunately, wearing sleeveless inside the PMA grounds isn’t allowed. No kidding! I was surprised as well! Before they let our cars get in their premises, a guard peeped through our window. I thought it was just some regular check. I didn’t know that the inspection included the outfit. I just find it odd that sleeveless isn’t allowed, but ladies in shorts and mini skirts can roam around. Anyway, this explains my jacket despite the summer heat.

coral pants Tanks and Cannons

Well, it’s still Baguio. It gets cooler late in the afternoon and evening, so I really brought a light jacket with me. It’s a cropped washed denim jacket, with floral prints on its pockets. It’s such a cute twist to a supposedly masculine kind of apparel.

rayban philippines Tanks and Cannons

The lace fringe top has been my fave these days. I find it very versatile to wear- casual, night outs, or even at the beach.

light denim jacket Tanks and Cannons

No matter how hot it is, I don’t feel like wearing shorts everyday. In times like this, it’s either I wear light colored pants or bright ones that scream summer. icon biggrin Tanks and Cannons My eyes have been drawn to coral shades this season. icon biggrin Tanks and Cannons

bright colored pants Tanks and Cannons

I kept my accessories plain and simple with just one long necklace and a cuff, both from Pinkbox. I try to avoid piling up accessories with this kind of heat. I can’t stand too much metals sticking on my skin. Hehe!

fringe lace top Tanks and Cannons

I toned down the colors of everything else and just let my pants do that “pop of color”. Okay fine, and my hair as well!

nude wedge Tanks and Cannons

Here are more photos…

tanks baguio Tanks and Cannons

The crazy me trying to step on the cannon in heels just for a pose…

ray ban philippines Tanks and Cannons

Of course, Baguio is a flower capital so pictures of bright and colorful flowers around is a must!

flower capital philippines Tanks and Cannons

really cute shapes and shades of flowers…

baguio flowers philippines Tanks and Cannons

And because this is an outfit post, let’s go back to my face once again… LOL!

how to wear colored pants Tanks and Cannons

Pants: H&M
Lace fringe: H&M
Tank top: random
Jacket: Lush Angel
Bag: Chanel Medallion Tote
Wedge: Rubi
Sunglasses: Ray Ban Aviators
Necklace: Pinkbox
Cuff: Pinkbox
Watch: Michael Kors

pixel Tanks and Cannons
  • http://www.misscorypotts.com Sabrina

    You went to PMA?? I live there! Sort of. Haha. :)

  • Lush Angel

    Yes I did, but just in this area and the one with helicopters! Awww… I should have said Hello!!! :) I visit Baguio often but it’s my first time to go inside PMA. I didn’t know they don’t allow sleeveless. Haha! The guard asked me to wear a jacket before they let our car in. Hehe!

  • http://mrsmartinezravesandrants.blogspot.com MrsMartinez

    Hello Same yun color ng hair mo at ng pants mo hahaha xoxo MrsMartinez

  • http://ohtheendlesspossibilities.blogspot.com/ Joy

    I love canyons! well not really, but I like artifacts of the past. I like how your pants match the flowers, lol. Oh my gosh that bag…*drools* Glad you’re having a great time traveling! Enjoy!

  • Lush Angel

    haha, faded na color ng hair nga. hehehe!

  • Pam

    Your Aviator glasses fits the PMA theme hehehe! Love your pants, Lush Angel!

  • http://www.misscorypotts.com Sabrina

    Next time you go to Baguio don’t hesitate to tell moi. :)

  • Lush Angel

    Yes I will Sab! :) Thanks! :)

  • Lush Angel

    Thank you Pam! :)

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