Puma Ultrasize Collection

If you’ve seen my OOTD: Bluer Than Blue post, I couldn’t stop raving about the watch I was wearing from the new Puma Ultrasize Collection. I’ve always been a fan of oversized watches and I guess that’s pretty obvious in my outfit posts. Isn’t this so beautiful (or should I say, handsome)? icon wink Puma Ultrasize Collection

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When I hear about “Puma Time”, I tend to associate it with sporty watches, as seen below. I’m sure I’m not the only one as Puma is a brand related to sporting goods.

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But then Puma Ultrasize Watch was born. Following its success in 2012, Puma Ultrasize Holiday 2013 is bigger and better.

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Puma Men’s Ultrasize Watch comes in 50mm, while Puma Women’s Ultrasize Watch sits in a 44mm oversized dial case. For the women out there, yes, there’s no need to borrow your boyfriend’s watch! LOL!

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Ultrasize watch has the signature modern face, which is known for its commanding combination of simple elements- the elevated hour/minute marks, stylized ’3′ at 15:00 and leaping Puma cat logo at 12:00.

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Both men’s and women’s Ultrasize watches come in PU strap, leather strap, and stainless steel link bracelet!

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Below are some of the Women’s Ultrasize watches available in leather straps. I’ve been itching to get a watch with leather strap so my choice was down to these two. I honestly had a hard time choosing. The teal is just so TDF, don’t you think? It’s sooo girly! But I also find the shade of brown quite unique. It’s in between gray and brown, which I thought would match almost any outfit. Well, true enough, I’ve been wearing it every single day since I got it. LOL!

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But of course, a watch lover like me would love to have that oversized stainless steel bracelet in gold!!! Hello Santa, I’ve been a very good girl this year! Haha! icon biggrin Puma Ultrasize Collection

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Puma Ultrasize Watch is available in Puma kiosk (SM Megamall Atrium), L Timestudio and Timegear Boutiques nationwide.

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pixel Puma Ultrasize Collection
  • Issachavez

    i love the gold one too! like you, i always thought Puma to have a sporty styles….

  • http://insertawesomeblogtitlehere.tumblr.com/ Cat Quiambao

    OMG! love that watch… i’m sure it’s pricey… dear santa…

  • lushangel

    Hi cat, surprisingly the holiday 2013 collection of puma starts at around PHP 2,000 plus. For the ultrasize watch, it’s around PHP 6,000 if I’m not mistaken. :)

  • ella

    wow! never knew Puma had some dress watch :) thanks for the post :)

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