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OOTD: NYC Roof Deck

A few days before I left for Japan, I was invited to Kiehl’s event (which I’ll be sharing on my next post). Attire was NYC Roof Deck. I wasn’t really sure what to wear until this dress arrived in front of my doorstep! Yay! Thanks to Overstockph! icon biggrin OOTD: NYC Roof Deck

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I honestly think that the print suits New York’s personality. Don’t ask me why. It’s just that when I saw the dress, I already thought of wearing it to Kiehl’s event. Haha!

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Although black, it’s still comfortable to wear considering the hot and humid weather here in Manila. It comes with an inner cotton tank dress, while the printed chiffon is worn separately on top. Imagine wearing it with booties and you can definitely go for an edgy look. I opted for a more relax wear by pairing it with Birkenstock sandals.

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I mixed gold and silver accessories on one hand. Here I’m using a new Veloci watch from the Voyager collection. The original strap included is white. I just thought of changing the NATO strap to black to go with my dress.

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Oooh, and I’m posting my new baby here for the first time! icon biggrin OOTD: NYC Roof Deck Of course, I’m sharing my bag review of this Celine Micro Luggage Tote soon.

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Here’s the entire look. Of course, you can easily dress up or down with the right accessories. The summer heat + outdoor party pushed me to go for a more comfortable wear. Haha! icon biggrin OOTD: NYC Roof Deck

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Dress: Instagram (@overstockph)
Watch: Veloci
Bracelets: Pandora
Bag: Celine
Sandals: Birkenstock

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pixel OOTD: NYC Roof Deck
  • MyFashionJuice

    In love with the bag!!! <3 <3 <3 Been on my list for too long!

  • lushangel

    Get one already! Prices increase sooo fast!!! LOL! And it’s a challenge to look for THE one… Hehe! Although at least now the micro is easier to find compared before… :D

  • MyFashionJuice

    I know lahat na lang nagmamahal. But I want the Mini one. I was supposed to get it last December for my birthday but found the mulberry on sale so I got that first. So na-bump nanaman sya sa list. Then Gucci sale naman recently, so bumped again. I’m hoping this Christmas again. LOL! Pero I also want a Chanel. Waaah! So many on the list. Bahala na kung ano mauna. hehe :) But that color is nice! :)

  • lushangel

    Yah nice sana ang Mini but it looks sooo huge sa akin! Parang my whole body is already covered. Haha! Kaya sobrang happy ako when they released the Micro, but sobrang hirap naman maghanap! Laging ubusan! One at a time, sana lang di sila pataas ng pataas ng price!!!

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