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OOTD: Cogito

Rainy days are here so it’s time to bring out those rain jackets, long sleeves, and cover ups. Well, it’s not exactly cold, making it harder to think of what to wear. The sun is out in the morning, and the next thing you know the rain starts pouring. Ugh!

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So just to warm me up a bit, I wore this off-shoulder top from Ripples by Jenny. I love that it fits snuggly on my arms! The fabric is not so light, which is perfect for the rainy weather.

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Despite the rain, it’s still hot. Well, that’s the Manila weather baby! icon biggrin OOTD: Cogito Therefore, I’m pairing this off-shoulder top with tailored shorts.
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I went for brown tones for my accessories- bag, shoes, and necklace- except for my watch (which I’ll be talking about later on).

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To be honest, I never really thought I’ll be wearing Oxford shoes ever! It’s just not my personality. Well, I changed my mind. I got these during my London trip. One shopping day, I was wearing the wrong shoes. My toes were already in pain so I had to search for a new pair to wear at that very moment. And I saw these… no regrets! I love them to bits! icon biggrin OOTD: Cogito

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And if you’re wondering what’s with my title, “Cogito” is a Latin word meaning “think”. But I won’t be your Philosophy teacher and talk about one’s existence. I’m just talking about the newest smartwatch in town- Cogito!!! icon biggrin OOTD: Cogito This Cogito Pop Watch, which comes in various colors, combines fun and functionality, especially designed for the digital generation to fit the active and social lifestyle.

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Through the app downloaded on your phone, notifications appear directly on your wrist. Cogito watch acts as an extension of your phone so you won’t have to miss an important message or call while you’re jogging, strolling, etc. Users can customize settings based on their priorities and select which notifications they want. LED icons on the watch face can alert users when they have a call, an email or a message on social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and more. Oh, and you can even trigger your phone’s camera, control music and locate your phone through this watch!

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But if you don’t want to connect the watch to your phone, then use it as a real watch! It’s very fashionable, not just a weird looking gadget on your wrist! I even had a hard time choosing what color I wanted. I wish I could have them all!!! I was thinking of getting the white, but my COOKOO Smart Watch is already white. I thought of getting the Blue, then the Black, then the Grey… until I decided that the Black and Purple combo should be perfect for me! LOL! Yes, I’m indecisive. Haha!

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Aside from Cogito Pop, they also have the Cogito Classic collection- which is also very nice! Cogito Pop is priced at PHP 5,500, while Cogito Classic is at PHP 9,000. To check them out, they’re available here in the Philippines though http://www.thinkscapeph.com/. They are also the distributor of COOKOO smartwatch.

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Top: Ripples by Jenny (instagram: @RipplesbyJenny)
Shorts: Bershka
Bag: Prada
Watch: Cogito
Shoes: Primark London
Necklace: from a bazaar

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