Tips On How To Look Fresh All Day

“You look stressed.” This is probably one line I dread hearing. I even found this amusing video that talks about All The Wrong Ways To Ask Someone, “Stressed Ka Ba?” (check it here: Yes, I get it… there are days I don’t look my best. Whether it is stress from work, family, or whatever we are going through, the sad fact is no matter how much we hide it, it radiates in our appearance. Admit it, we all had those “haggard” days. I’m sure. But what’s my secret on how to look fresh all day? I really try to look stress-free as much as possible and I think (I hope) I’ve been doing a pretty good job. In case you haven’t noticed in my posts, I always go for the “fresh look” and most of the time, I get the question “how do you do it”. So today, I thought it’s about time to share some of the things I do to get that fresh, stress-free glow.


Skin Care


First, skin care matters. We really need to take care of our skin. We can’t stop ageing, but we can age gracefully. My tip: Have a skin care regimen that is: Cleanse – Tone – Moisturize. Of course, that also includes removing makeup before sleeping and the use of anti-ageing serums too before moisturizer, which falls under “Moisturize”.



If you acknowledge that you’re really not looking your best, fake it – by using makeup! Even out skin complexion by using the right base – foundation and concealer (to hide under eye circles and blemishes). Use a fresh color on cheeks and lips. Personally, I like using peach shades. And for that instant fresh glow, use highlighter on the high points of your face!!! I promise, it’s going to be your best friend!



Believe it or not, it is effective in making us look young and stress-free. When we exercise, our body releases chemicals called endorphins, which is also known as happy hormones. These can also exude in the way we look. So, exercise! 30 minutes a day won’t hurt. If you’re really busy, target at least 30 minutes of intense exercise three times a week.

Balanced Diet


Of course, if there’s exercise, there’s balance diet. They always go hand in hand. The truth is, the best solution to fight stress is to start from within as stress takes away the nutrients from skin cells, which makes us look haggard and older. Therefore, we need to eat right and at least limit junk food. Take note, I’m not saying to completely stop eating your favorite chocolate or chips, but get daily intake of veggies, fruits, and lean meat. The key is to eat in moderation. Anything in excess is not good for the body.

Drink Supplements


We need to understand that we usually do not get ALL the nutrients our body need through the food that we eat. We also need supplements and vitamins. And a way to help replenish skin cells that stress took away is to drink multivitamins everyday, such as Stresstabs which has Vitamin E, Iron, and Vitamin C.

Why are these nutrients important in helping us to look fresh and stress-free? In case you do not know, Vitamin E helps in skin regeneration and moisture boost, while Iron helps promote healthy blood and antioxidants boost. On the other hand, Vitamin C helps protect the skin from further damage as it is responsible for skin elasticity, collagen synthesis and boosting iron absorption. All these help in giving us that healthy glow. Forget about drinking vitamins whenever you just feel tired or about to get sick. Make it part of your daily beauty regimen!

Unfortunately, stress is already part of our daily lives, but we don’t have to simply live with it and look haggard. There are ways to help fight stress or reduce the effects of stress. To get that fresh healthy glow, you can try my beauty regimen and it might just work for you too. And of course, never ever forget to put a smile on your face and have a positive outlook in life! No to haggardness!!!

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