Coldplay Concert Experience + Videos


Finally, I’m sharing my Coldplay concert experience!!! If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@lush_angel), I went to New Zealand last November 2016 to watch Coldplay. And since Coldplay is about to start their Asia tour for this year 2017, I thought, why not excite you and share some photos and videos I took during the concert?


P.S. The organizers in New Zealand were very strict. They don’t allow backpacks, cameras, and even iPads. They throw away anything they don’t allow inside the concert grounds – even cameras! Therefore all my photos and videos were taken using phone cameras.

Mt Smart Stadium… before the gates opened


Yup, we were too excited, so we were there early. What I love about the organizers of this concert is that they have free transportation going to and from the stadium since it’s quite far from the city – about 20 to 30 minutes.





After 2 front acts, the concert started and we were all surprised when our “watches” lit up. We thought they were just regular bands. Haha!



Depending on the song, sometimes the lights have different colors and dance to the tune of the songs.



Honestly, I couldn’t imagine how will they do it here in Manila – flat grounds, without the bleachers. The play of lights in the bleachers is a huge part of the amazing experience! It was surreal! I couldn’t help but be emotional the entire time. It may sound exaggerated, but it really felt like I was living in a dream. The songs, the lights, the audience… everything was just perfect! Words are not enough to describe my experience. Because of that, I have to stop babbling and just share more photos and videos below! Enjoy!







Opening song

Fix You

Viva la Vida

A Sky Full of Stars

Charlie Brown

Wait for 1:20 onwards… It was one of the exciting moments in the concert!

It was definitely the best way to end my year! Ahhh… Coldplay is not just a hype. They’re for real!!! And yup, I still hope I can watch them all over again! London, maybe? 😉


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