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2009 Philippine Holidays

Now we can plot our leaves early! Yay! President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo already signed Proclamation 1699 last Christmas Eve which outlines the Philippine holidays for year 2009. Most holidays fall on a Monday and a Friday so that’s a lot of long weekends! Yay! So if you plan to schedule any out-of-town or out-of-the-country trips, you can now do them early to get cheaper rates. See holidays below. Regular Holidays: Araw ng Kagitingan (Day of Valor)- April 6 Holy Week- April 9 to April 12 Labor Day- May 1 Independence Day- June 12 National Heroes Day- August 31 Bonifacio Day- November 30 Christmas Day- December 25 Rizal Day- December 30 Special Non-Working Days: Ninoy Aquino Day- August 21 All Saints Day- November 1 All Soul’s Day- November 2 Christmas Eve- December 24 New Year’s Eve- December...

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Kaya Korean Restaurant

Korean food is one of my family’s favorite cuisines. Almost always, we crave for Korean dishes. In fact, even my 5 year old nephew always looks for a Korean restaurant when we go to malls. It runs in the blood, huh?! One of the yummiest Korean restaurants here in the Philippines is Kaya. There are actually two kinds of Kaya Korean Restaurants. One is the Kaya Express and the other is the real restaurant (not that the Express isn’t a real restaurant… hehehe!) Of course, as expected, there is a price difference. As for the taste, there is a little distinction between the two, as well. The term “express” says it all- in just a couple of minutes, your orders are served. So probably, the dishes are already pre-cooked unlike when eating in the real restaurant where food is freshly cooked. Also, I would like to point out that the Korean dishes in Kaya are somehow altered to suit the Filipino taste. I only knew about that fact when I went to Korea 3 years ago. Most dishes were spicier. I’m not fond of spicy dishes but authentic Korean dishes are really tasty! I sooo love it! Now I understand why our tour guide there kept on saying that the Korean restaurants here in the Philippines are far from the real thing. But since I’m here in the Philippines,...

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Royce’ Chocolates Now in Manila

Remember this post about Royce’ chocolates? Oh, what a shame! Since their opening last December 6, 2008 at Rockwell Power Plant Mall, it was only last Friday that I was able to visit Royce’. And when I got there, look what I saw… Tons of people! Passers-by tend to stop and buy. And of course, the chocolate lover as I am did the same thing- stop, look, taste and buy! Oooh, sucha big paper bag for a box of chocolate! In fact, I didn’t wait to get home to taste it! After having dinner at Rockwell, I opened the paper bag, the aluminum bag that keeps the chocolate from melting, the paper packaging, the box, and finally the plastic! Whew! It seemed like they did’t want me to eat the chocolates. Every time I opened a layer of packaging, my eagerness to have it just kept on increasing. LOL! Okay, I know I’m so easy to please. I sooo love sweets! After 10 minutes, look at what happened to the 20 squares… It became 8! Wait, before you judge me… I didn’t eat all 12 squares okay! 5 of us were eating! For those who haven’t tasted Royce’ Nama chocolates, you might think I ate too little for a chocolate lover like me. Well, Royce’ Nama chocolates are extraordinary chocolates. It’s covered with cocoa powder. Once you popped it inside your mouth, the...

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New Year’s Eve at Intercontinental Hotel

One of my family’s all-time favorite places to eat is the Intercontinetal Hotel located at Makati City. I remember when I was still a kid, we never fail to eat their yummy Mango Crepe and ice cream every Sunday afternoon. But what I was more excited back then is where we sit to enjoy our orders. We were always seated at the structures of jeepneys (a famous public transportation here in the Philippines) inside Intercon’s coffee shop. But since the buffet of Circles and Heat of Makati Shangri-la and EDSA Shangri-la, plus Mandarin Hotel and Heritage Hotel became popular, it has been awhile now since we last ate at Intercon. But last New Year ’s Eve was like a déjà vu for me. We spent the whole evening at Intercon enjoying their surprisingly yummy buffet. Hehehe! Why surprising? Of course, I never thought that Intercontinental Hotel’s buffet can be as delicious as Circles or Heat. But as expected, the choices of the main dishes are not that many. In fact, there were more choices of desserts compared to the main courses. Well, maybe that explains why I love their buffet. LOL! But really over-all, I’m giving a 3 out of 5 rating for their buffet. Their price is also relatively cheaper compared to other hotels that night. We all know how hotels exceptionally increase their buffet prices every Christmas’...

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