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Fishtail Braid Tutorial

As promised in my previous OOTD, Dare To Wear Lace, I’ll be sharing how I did my fishtail braid. It’s something different from the usual ponytail and bun, at the same time, it’s a nice variation from the normal braid. As seen in that OOTD post, fishtail braid goes well with dainty outfits. It makes the […]

OOTD: Dare To Wear Lace

Lace used to be reserved for special occasions due to its delicate fabric. But in the modern days, we see it almost everywhere, even as a detail of a casual ensemble. But how about an all-white lace dress? Sounds like a wedding gown, right? Haha! Wearing one on your first date might freak out the […]

Happy Skin Holiday Collection 2014 + New Products with Swatches and Prices

It seems like it was only yesterday when I introduced Happy Skin here in my blog. Yesterday, they already celebrated their first birthday! Wow, it’s amazing how Filipinas welcomed this new brand in the beauty market! In just one year, Happy Skin developed a loyal following of makeup aficionados and even newbies. I know a lot […]

MAC A Novel Romance Collection + Prices

Do you love reading fictional love stories? I used to! No matter how much school work I had, I made time to read fictional novels. I just loved how it transported me to a world of fantasy, removing my daily stresses as a student. Who would have thought that a romance novel can be interpreted […]

Guerlain KissKiss Style Icon

It was truly an honor to be chosen as one of Guerlain’s KissKiss Style Icons. When I received a call that Guerlain Philippines chose me, along with the biggest names in the beauty and fashion industry, I had to say YES right away. Each of us represented one shade and one KissKiss style. I was […]

Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner Review

I’m always on the go. In fact, I rarely apply my makeup before leaving the house. I love doing it inside the car, which is why I appreciate travel-friendly products. When it comes to eyeliner, gel liner has always been my favorite. I just have a hard time toting it around since it usually comes […]

Sample Room VIP Membership Revamped

When I first heard about Sample Room’s concept of “try before you buy”, I got extremely excited! This is what we’ve been waiting for here in the Philippines. You get to try the latest brands and products in the market, without the need to commit and buy them in full sizes. What’s even better is, […]

Rope Braid Tutorial

As promised in my previous OOTD post and for those who are asking how I did my hair, here’s my Rope Braid tutorial. It’s a nice variation from the usual braid, plus it’s very easy. I actually braided my hair while I was walking from the parking lot to the area where I took my […]

The Feel of New York Through DKNY MYNY

It has been five years since I last visited New York. I haven’t had the chance to go back because of my curiosity to see new places whenever I travel. As I browsed through my photos, I suddenly missed the hustle and bustle of this city. New York is definitely one of a kind. It’s indeed […]

Have You Tried Taking Whitening Capsules?

I consider myself having fair skin. But after several beach trips and my recent vacation in Laos, my skin became uneven. My arms and shoulders are relatively darker than the rest of my body since I went around Laos wearing sleeveless. I wasn’t able to reapply sunblock, which resulted to my tanned skin right now. […]

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