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Zalora Beauty Box

Surprise, surprise!!! Zalora now has a beauty box!!! You might think they’re quite late in the game, but I say, you MUST read on! It’s no ordinary beauty box! UPDATE: Details of this post has been updated as advised by Zalora as mechanics has been tweaked. What’s inside the Zalora Beauty Box? Zalora tied up […]

Fishtail Braid Tutorial

As promised in my previous OOTD, Dare To Wear Lace, I’ll be sharing how I did my fishtail braid.┬áIt’s something different from the usual ponytail and bun, at the same time, it’s a nice variation from the normal braid. As seen in that OOTD post, fishtail braid goes well with dainty outfits. It makes the […]

OOTD: Dare To Wear Lace

Lace used to be reserved for special occasions due to its delicate fabric. But in the modern days, we see it almost everywhere, even as a detail of a casual ensemble. But how about an all-white lace dress? Sounds like a wedding gown, right? Haha! Wearing one on your first date might freak out the […]

Rope Braid Tutorial

As promised in my previous OOTD post and for those who are asking how I did my hair, here’s my Rope Braid tutorial. It’s a nice variation from the usual braid, plus it’s very easy. I actually braided my hair while I was walking from the parking lot to the area where I took my […]

All Things Hair Philippines: Answer To ALL Hair Concerns

I wrote a gist on what All Things Hair, a.k.a. ATH, is all about in my OOTD post. And as I’ve said, it deserves a separate post. I’m extremely excited to share more about ATH. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for! Why and what am I talking about? Read on. Aside from skin, I’m […]

Dove Daily Hair Vitamin

I’m constantly on the lookout for products that can make my hair soft, smooth, and damage-free, but I always have my must-haves. These are some of the products you’ll see in my shower all the time and obviously, I love Dove products! And now, there is an addition to my staple hair products – the […]

Avon Naturals Line

This huge basket welcomed me when I opened my door. What’s in it? Let me share what’s new from Avon.

Ash Matte Tone Hair Color by Hairshaft

Summer is about to end, which means it’s time to get a new hair color before the new season starts. For weeks, I’ve been lusting over ash tone hair color. And if you’re following me on Instagram (@lush_angel) and Facebook (, you’ve probably seen that I finally had the courage to have it done. Of […]

Are You Bored With Your Hair?

You’re getting bored with your hair. You can’t decide what to do next. You want a new look that will give that “UMPH” to your hair. Well, I’m here to the rescue! Coming from someone who gets bored with hair easily, as seen in my series of hair transformations for the past months, let me […]

Absynthe Bath and Beauty: Honest to Goodness Skin Care

We’ve been seeing a lot of natural and organic beauty products around. A few months ago, I received this very pretty box from Absynthe Bath and Body. One of the most noticeable things that makes Absynthe unique compared to other brands selling organic products is its packaging. I feel like a goddess! LOL! Absynthe Bath […]

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