Yes, I’m A Nailaholic!

I’m a bagaholic, a shoeaholic, and… a nailaholic. I always want to see my nails nice, well-shaped and clean. Having a lovely color of nail polish every now and then is also a plus. And what’s an ideal ambiance to do this pamper session?

Summer Around The World Experience By Beauty Bar

So, how’s summer treating you? As for me, I just experienced summer around the world! Thanks to Beauty Bar! How? Read on.

Girlstuff Bloggers’ Elite Summer Collection

For those who have been reading my blog, you probably remember my post a few months back about Girlstuff nail polish. That was my first time to try it out because my good friend Nikki, who loves to do nail art tutorials, couldn’t stop raving about it. The brand has been around for quite some time now, but I never really thought…

New Year Ready Nails with Girlstuff Holiday and Confetti Collections

My nails are ready for New Year! I was recently introduced to Girlstuff nail polish. I’ve been seeing their nail bars in malls but I never got the chance to look at them thinking it is only for kids. Darn! I didn’t know I was missing a lot! Anyway, better late than never! Haha! Do you know that Girlstuff Nail Polish is…

Temperature Change Color Gel Nail Polish

I previously posted about the Mood Color Changing Gel Polish, which changes from nude to purple depending on the temperature. Recently, I tried another shade perfect for the wedding I was going to attend. This time I tried the silver gel polish which turns into blue green when it gets cold.

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