Native Geographica Collection

When I went to Nepal, I had to travel really light. I could only bring 2 pairs of shoes with me – one for hiking and one for walking. I decided to bring my Native Shoes with me for 2 reasons: 1. It’s comfortable. 2. It’s easy to wash, in case it gets dirty. And yes, it was a good decision. Since then, I…

Heatwave Arrives In Manila

Most of the time, women have to make a choice between form and function. Do we sacrifice comfort over fashion or style over comfort? What if you can have both, anyway? This is what Heatwave, a Singaporean footwear brand, wants the Filipinas to experience.

OOTD: Come, Go With Me

Casual weekend or going for an out of town trip this long holiday? Here’s a style inspiration.

Girl Talk: Stay On Top Of Your Game

You have a big presentation happening next week. You’ve been preparing for it for days, then suddenly your monthly visitor comes. What will you do? Excuse yourself from work because you are feeling lethargic? Hey, don’t let your period stop you from being at your best in your career! Here are a few tips on how to stay on top of your…

OOTD: Metallics

When it comes to metallics, do you dare to mix gold and silver?

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