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Cole Haan ZeroGrand

Recently, Cole Haan launched its latest men’s shoe line in the Philippines, ZeroGrand. Cole Haan ZeroGrand integrates innovation and craftsmanship in an engineered product that is the lightest and most flexible shoe Cole Haan has ever created. By considering make, mass and motion, Cole Haan has married centuries-old broguing details with biomechanics, modern materials and today’s manufacturing […]

Bensimon DIY

I used to think that a pair of sneakers can never be my best friend whenever I travel. Most of the time, I get blisters when I wear sneakers for too long. Well, well, well… I found THE ONE- a pair that’s comfortable to wear even for long walks (and even without socks)! I’m talking […]

OOTD: Relaxed

Last Saturday was a relaxing one for me. After staying at home the entire morning and afternoon, I went to a casual birthday dinner at my friend’s house. I opted for a cool and relaxed outfit since I already anticipated it’s going to be hot. I wore a sheer floral button down blouse and a […]

OOTD: Wear That Scarf

Okay, I’m not talking about a tiny scarf to wrap around your body. I’m pertaining to a scarf-print dress. To be on the “safe” side, a lot of ladies prefer plain or subtle print dresses. How about a bold scarf print on your entire dress? First of all, sorry for the haggard face. Haha! These […]

TW Steel Slim Collection #WhyNotBoth

For those who have been reading my blog, you probably know how much I love oversized watches. Rarely will you see me wearing a ladies watch. On formal occasions, like weddings, sometimes I’d rather not wear a watch simply because I’m not used to seeing a small-faced watch on my wrist. On events when I […]

Morellato Now In The Philippines

I’ve been seeing Morellato around, but I never really got the chance to know about the brand until its launch last week. Morellato was founded in Venice, Italy in 1930, specializing in exquisite jewels showcasing the best of Italian craftsmanship. With its strong Italian heritage, all the pieces designed by Morellato are proudly made from Italy and makes […]

The Caravan: Bespoke

Love unique and customized items? Following the success of the first The Caravan, The Caravan II is now here.  Follow the tale of the thread and find something just for you with the second installment of The Caravan: Bespoke, An Affair of Monograms and Stories, in coordination with The Proscenium, Rockwell. Enjoy a diverse selection of customizable […]

OOTD: One Fine Night

I wore this in one casual dinner with friends. As I would always say, if there are days that you’re not in the mood to think of your top and bottom pairing, a dress will always save the day!

Anne Curtis and Jasmine Curtis Fashion

The Curtis sisters are probably on your list of the most fashionable celebrities in the Philippines. Their #OOTDs have become fashion inspirations to the ladies. It’s also inevitable that both are compared sometimes. So, when it comes to fashion, are you team Anne or team Jasmine? Well, the two actually have different styles. Jasmine is […]

OOTD: Lounging

Casual or weekend wear would mean wearing your most comfortable clothes. If you can bring out your lounge wear, why not?! But of course, let’s not forget about being fashionable. This is a perfect example of comfort and fashion in one look.

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