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Lacoste.12.12 Watch Collection

Lacoste has been known for its iconic crocodile logo and the classic cotton polo shirt that tennis legend Rene Lacoste designed in 1927. He created a uniform that would allow better sweat absorption and freedom of movement. Rene named it L.12.12 – L for Lacoste, 1 for its one-of-a-kind fabric, 2 for its short sleeves, […]

Borrowing From Your Man’s Closet + Marcia Adams’ Review

Borrowing from your man’s closet from time to time should be fun. It’s a nice twist to your usual style. I wore this when I had an impromptu lunch at Marcia Adams’ in Tagaytay (short review below). Well, it wasn’t really cold so I skipped the cover up. By the way, please don’t mind my […]

12.12 The Online Fever

And the countdown begins!!! You’ve probably seen 12.12 The Online Fever in social media sites yesterday. If you haven’t or if you still do not have any idea what it is, well you gotta turn on your alarm already for tomorrow!!! Are you familiar to Cyber Monday and Single’s Day? 12.12 Online Fever is Southeast […]

Under Armour in SM Megamall

I may not look athletic, but I’m trying to be. Haha! Well, I’m surrounded with family and friends who are sooo into sports, therefore I’m kinda forced to know this world. I used to run, but now my knees do not allow me to. I go to the gym occasionally, but I definitely squeeze in […]

OOTD: On Formal Dressing

I rarely post about formal dresses. Since I’ve been attending several weddings for the past months, I guess it’s about time to share what I’ve been wearing. This dress was made by a very good friend, Michael Leyva. He’s now my family’s favorite designer. I usually go to him without any pegs or anything in […]

Bloggers United 8 + Win Free Entrance Tickets

We’re leveling up this Bloggers United 8! Come join us and find not just our pre-loved clothes but also other items like gadgets and other unique finds! Just like in OLX where you can find unused items that are still functional, in #BU8xOLX, you can also find a lot of other things that we once […]

Live in Levi’s: Customize Your Levi’s Jeans

I must say, one of the most comfortable pair of jeans I own is from Levi’s. The one I’m wearing below is Levi’s Revel, which I shared in THIS POST. It has traveled with me in and out of the country. Take note, I seldom wear jeans when I travel, but this pair is my […]

OOTD: Gift of Time

The holiday season is fast approaching and this means we’re all getting busy as the year comes to an end. We may be too preoccupied thinking of the gifts we would give to our loved ones, but remember, the best gift we could give to them is the gift of time. Take the time to […]

Sparkle with Kenneth Cole Watches Holiday 2014 Collection

Friends and family have been asking about this watch I’m wearing. As promised in my OOTD: #UnliLove post, I’ll share more about the new Kenneth Cole’s Holiday 2014 Watch Collection. Recently, Kenneth Cole unveiled its Holiday 2014 collection of timepieces. David Smordoni, Creative Director for Kenneth Cole New York Watches, was present during the launch. In […]

OOTD: #UnliLove

When you’re in love, what do you usually wear? Are you the type who would wear a certain color? Or do you wear a specific style of clothing – something girly maybe? Or nothing in particular? Well, I’d probably go for colors. Although red is more related to love, I reserve that color for birthdays. Haha! […]

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