OOTD: Fringes

This look is all about fringes. If you’re not into this trend, why not go for pieces that have small fringes? They add interesting detail to plain and simple outfits. I would normally choose a fringed top/bottom and partner it with something simple. Well, fringe on fringe isn’t so bad after all…

OOTD: Greenery

Happy New Year loves! I decided to rest for a few days and spend time with family and friends during the holidays, which is why my first post for 2016 came a little late. Sorry about that! Well, it was a good decision. I had a great time. Being with the special people close to you is always a good idea, right?…

Closet Remix

If I would choose 10 basic fashion pieces from my wardrobe to create various looks, what would it be?

OOTD: Comfortably Classy

How can one pull off an outfit that’s both comfortable and classy? Is that even possible? My answer: Of course! How?

OOTD: Culottes Trend

It was a casual night. No plans. Just a simple dinner. I didn’t want to wear something too casual though. I wanted to be prepared in case my friends would want to have some drinks afterwards. I decided to wear something in between – not too casual and not too formal.

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