OOTD: Comfortably Classy

How can one pull off an outfit that’s both comfortable and classy? Is that even possible? My answer: Of course! How?

OOTD: How To Wear The Same Outfit Again

Are you afraid to wear the same outfit again? Do you treat your clothes as if they are “disposable” pieces? Well, I don’t. In fact, if you’ve noticed my OOTDs here in the blog, I don’t mind using the same skirt, top, accessories, etc. over and over again, Fashion shouldn’t be expensive. For me, it’s all about getting the right pieces and…

Girl Talk: Tips On What To Wear During Your Period

Don’t you just love being a girl? Women’s fashion isn’t boring. It’s easy to brighten up the day with a swipe of a lipstick. Experimenting with the hair is never ending. Bad skin can always be concealed with foundation and concealer. But when the monthly visitor comes, most of us hate being a girl.

OOTD: Not My Usual

Wearing a pair of jeans is not my usual outfit. Maybe because I’m more comfortable when my legs are “free”. Well, I have to blame Manila’s weather for that. But since we’re slowly feeling the December weather (especially at night), I decided to wear a pair of jeans one casual day.

OOTD + Original Penguin 60th Anniversary

A day in the mall with no meetings, no errands, no plan but to chill calls for a casual get-up.

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