Mornings Made Special with CBTL™ Venus: Review + How To + Price

I am a coffee addict. I admit. I used to drink at least 3-4 cups a day. Now, I managed to lessen it to at least 2 cups a day. The scent of freshly brewed coffee in the morning excites me. Drinking a cup energizes me. It helps me write a blog post faster (I’m currently drinking one at 6pm as I…

Crane Humidifier and Air Purifier

When I was a kid, I thought I had a bad habit of scratching my eyes before I go to sleep and when I wake up. Yes, I thought it was just my “habit” when I feel sleepy until my mom gave me an air purifier in my room. I noticed my eyes don’t get irritated and I don’t sneeze every morning anymore….

Time To Have A Bedroom Makeover

Ever since I moved in to my new place, I started to love flipping through home magazines and visiting home stores. You’ve probably seen the sneak peek of my place in Cosmopolitan’s November 2014 issue or in my previous blog post as seen here: Sneak Peek of My Place in Cosmopolitan November 2014 Issue

Gift Suggestion For Ladies: Trunk Organizer or Carry-All Bag

I’m one of those who bring the entire cabinet inside the car. Haha! I just feel incomplete if I do not have extra clothes, shoes, bag, accessories, and makeup inside my car. It always happens when I suddenly need to change for an impromptu dinner with friends because I’m wearing something very casual. So, to make sure I’m always ready, I bring extras….

Sneak Peek of My Place in Cosmopolitan November 2014 Issue

If you’re following me on Instagram (@lush_angel), Twitter (@lush_angel), or Facebook page (, you’ve probably seen this photo below. I’ve been waiting for this for months now. I couldn’t wait for this issue to hit the shelves! 😀 Well, just a little background story. Early this year, I was contacted by Cosmopolitan Philippines because they wanted to feature my new place. The…

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