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Make Up Factory Tour

You have probably heard about or have actually seen Make Up Factory, one of the newest make up brands that landed here in the Philippines recently. It’s a German-based company that caters to pros, yet, brings ease of use and application of high quality and performance make-up to the general population. I was invited during their bloggers launch a few weeks ago. Although I’m quite late in posting, I still find it a must to share this to you. I’ve already started trying some of their star products and I’m really liking them! 😀 Let me just at least tour you around the store to give you a glimpse of what they have. The have quite a huge and varying collections for face, eyes, and lips. Some of their colorful eyeshadows. They also have quite a few shades of lovely blushes! Some of their lip colors. High Shine Lip Gloss, Shimmer Lipstick and Glossy Lip Stylo are some of their star products. Make up Base and Foundations… I heard they really have good make up base and foundation for oily skin! Oooh… and they have an eyebrow mascara!!! If I’m not mistaken, it’s about PHP 600+. I can’t really remember but I’m sure it’s less than a thousand pesos. Oh, and do you know that all Make Up Factory products are manufactured straight from Munich, Bavaria and shipped directly to stores...

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BYS Spring Summer 2013 Trends

BYS is quite new in the Philippines, entering in the local industry late last year. In fact, I only had the chance to try out most of their cosmetics recently during a press event featuring the Spring Summer 2013 Makeup Trends. BYS (in short of Be YourSelf) is a fun, fashionable cosmetic brand from Australia that carries over 1,000 extensive and creative range of products. They bank on their promise of good quality and great value cosmetics that everyone can afford. BYS is a fast growing cosmetic brand in Australia and globally- now in UK, France, South Africa, Middle East, and Japan (their largest market). BYS Cosmetics are not tested on animals. Thanks to iFace Cosmetics, the brand was brought to the Philippines! We had our own makeup stations during the event to personally try out their collection. I must say, with the quality and prices, consumers get great value! Fun and colorful eye shadows… liners and some makeup tools… Minerals Naturale is their very affordable mineral makeup collection. I’m in love with their lipsticks, especially their Lip Duo (lipstick on one end and lipgloss on the other end). It’s non-drying and best of all, it’s just PHP 299! A full review of this is coming soon. 🙂 And since summer is here, let me share the BYS Spring Summer 2013 Makeup Trends, which was presented to us by Michael...

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