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John Galliano Parlez-Moi d’Amour Eau Fraiche

With our hot and humid weather, we always want to smell fresh. I recently discovered this fragrance that can perfectly be described as F-R-E-S-H! Presenting, John Galliano Parlez-Moi d’Amour Eau Fraiche, which I call freshness in a bottle! LOL! Inspired by the house’s own renowned spirit of adventure, the ‘fraîche’ chapter of Parlez-moi d’Amour is once again createdby internationally celebrated ‘Nose’ Aliénor Massenet: “For Eau Fraîche I wanted to capture the freshness of a waterfall with the Parlez-moi d’Amour signature. I built around a musky femininity, and created a light more luminous mood.” The result is a striking scent that mirrors the creative sparkle of Galliano to craft an evocative new essence that is unforgettable and utterly irresistible. “Using Parlez-moi d’Amour’s musky ‘rock chick’ femininity l’Eau Fraîche invites you on a journey where at sunrise fragrances of fresh flowers and citrus fruits reveal all their luminous and light facets.” The fragrance is in a letter shape bottle. The letter symbolizes the unpredictable, the care for others, the inspiration, and the surprise. A letter nowadays is a rare object, thus it’s a precious one. It also has the new waterfall flower stamp from Galliano fashion collection. The green color of the packaging brings freshness, radiance and sparkle to the line. It has a new silver signature cap to bring modernity and branding. The first spritz can be a bit strong, but as...

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Fiorucci Icy Fantasy Review

The iconic fashion brand, Fiorucci, came out with a super delicious perfume, Icy Fantasy. If you think the outerpack of the fragrance already looks yummy with the glamorous red mouths and pink rounds, wait until you see inside!!! The packaging is indeed made irresistible with the frosted round glass, revealing the nice color of the fragrance, and the cap, which is like an ice cream cone dressed in a luminous metallic gold. The entire idea of a seductive and tempting ice cream was caught in this surprising bottle. The sweetness is not all about the packaging. The inspiration of this perfume is “girls just want to have fun”. It’s fresh, fruity and floral- very girly! The first sniff, I immediately thought of Escada, but probably even sweeter. The perfume accords were worked around red and juicy fruits such as strawberry and peach to give a touch of sweet extravagance. The first spray, all I noticed was its sweetness because of some touches of raspberry lollipop on its top notes to magnify the gourmand delicacy of the fragrance. A combination of Vanilla, Musk and Sandalwood make up its base notes. To perfect this new synergy between the fashion collection and the Icy Fantasy fragrance, a dress was exceptionally designed by Fiorucci stylist department for the perfume advertising shooting and will be part of the 2013 fashion collection. I recommend Fiorucci Icy Fantasy to all the...

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Tommy Hilfiger Summer Fragrances

Tommy Hilfiger definitely brings back high school memories. I remember wearing Tommy Girl scent back then for more than a year! Just imagine my joy when I learned that the brand is introducing new limited edition Tommy and Tommy Girl Summer Fragrances. Oooh, flashback of fun and happy memories…!!! 😀   Tommy and Tommy Girl Summer Fragrances were both inspired by the fresh kiss of the outdoors, from garden parties in the height of the summer to pristine lakes and golf courses. The shape of the clear bottle is still the same as the classic Tommy Hilfiger fragrances. Being an avid fan of anything nautical, I appreciate the blue-red-white-black stripes of the caps. Tommy Summer Eau De Toilette opens with energizing notes of pink peppercorn, grapefruit, and ginger that capture summer’s revitalizing essence of rolling waves and late sunsets. The fragrance’s fir balsam and sage claim the steadiness of the mountain regions, enriched by a layer of red cedar and amber warmth to last through the coolness of a country night. Tommy Girl Summer Eau De Toilette reveals a fresh fragrance that leaves you as playful and relaxed as the escape of summer shade. A friendly whisper of waterlily, melon, and starfruit first stir to awaken the senses. At the heart of the fragrance, a blooming bed of gardenia and jasmine evoke visions of a cherished backyard garden. A sophisticated touch of...

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pureDKNY A Drop of Rose Review

To be honest, rose has never been my first choice when it comes to fragrance. Maybe I think of it as a scent for the more “mature”. (Yes, I’m still “feeling” young… LOL!) This is why when I first smelled pureDKNY from the bottle, I thought I wouldn’t like it. Scent A few more sniffs from the bottle, I smelled something more than just a rose. True enough, a few minutes after my first spritz on my skin, I fell in love with its scent! The fragrance features turkish rose, black currant, magnolia, cedar, verbena and vanilla. It’s very feminine and yes, it smells like rose, but not the “mature” kind of scent. It dries down soft and sweet- none of the heavy and strong old-fashioned floral. It’s light, fresh, and romantic. It’s definitely something that all ages would appreciate! 😀 It’s also long lasting. Packaging The tear-drop shaped bottle and rose-colored aluminum cap looks simple, yet very classy and feminine. Even the box is very feminine with the embossed petals and leaves. pureDKNY’s packaging is also eco-friendly. It uses 100% recyclable glass and aluminum components. The bio-degradable carton is made in facilities powered by renewable energy using materials sources in managed forests. Outer-cartons are printed in low-VOC inks, and the outer wrap is NatureFlex, made from cellulose (not petro chemicals). pureDKNY A Drop of Rose Story As with its...

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