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Jo Malone Cologne Intense

Last week, I attended the preview of Jo Malone Cologne Intense, the newest fragrance line of Jo Malone London. And I must say, Cologne Intense definitely takes a different approach to fragrance. The scents are created with precious ingredients that are particularly deep and rich. Jo Malone Cologne Intense Inspiration The story of Cologne Intense began in the Middle East where heritage and culture have a special place for scent. For thousands of years, fragrance has been approached ritualistically. Multiple oils or attars such as oud, rose, or jasmine, are layered onto the skin. Even clothing and hair are infused with vapour collected from scented chips called bakhoor, before spraying scent. Our imaginations were captured. The Jo Malone London Creative Studio took the rich and rare ingredients so loved in the Middle East and gave them a modern character. Each has its own surprising Jo Malone London twist. Jo Malone Cologne Intense Packaging Jo Malone London has been known for its simple yet elegant packaging. For Cologne Intense, they are using black to reflect the deeper intensity of the fragrance. It has simple apothecary bottles with a silver stopper and special silver Jo Malone London labels. Jo Malone Cologne Intense: The Fragrance The name says it all – INTENSE. And they are not kidding. When I first smelled Jo Malone Cologne Intense, I was blown away. All I could...

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THE GIRL by Tommy Hilfiger

Most of us are probably familiar with the classic Tommy Girl. I owned a bottle or two of that when I was in high school. It’s one of those unique scents every girl would just need to have. Recently, Tommy Hilfiger launched THE GIRL by Tommy Hilfiger, a new eau de toilette and campaign featuring Gigi Hadid, Tommy Hilfiger’s global ambassador for womenswear, accessories and fragrance. The new scent is anchored in a dynamic digital campaign, which reflects her optimistic attitude, confidence and effortlessly cool style. As part of her ambassadorship, Hadid has also teamed with the iconic American designer to create her first capsule collection, which further celebrates her modern take on style fused with Hilfiger’s signature “classic American cool” heritage. Inspired by Hadid’s free-spirited and magnetic personality, THE GIRL by Tommy Hilfiger is crisp and fresh. The scent opens with a burst of green pear, violet leaf and green fig leaves before moving to the heart of velvety jasmine petals and silky muguet. Cedarwood and cashmeran envelop the fragrance for its signature finish that captures Hadid’s unique sense of individuality and confidence. The first time I opened the bottle and smelled it, I knew it was for me! It’s so fresh, something like a pick-me-up scent. It’s light and brings good vibes for some reason. I find it very different from the classic Tommy Girl. To be...

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Time To Get Lucky with Anna Sui Lucky Wish

What’s your good luck charm? Well, have you heard that there’s a new fairy in town spreading good luck? Yup, time to grab it! Anna Sui LUCKY WISH by SECRET WISH combines light uplifting notes with a gentle zest to capture the essence of a Good Luck Charm! Anna Sui’s new Lucky Wish takes the magic of the fairy kingdom into a new dimension. More ethereal and dreamy than Secret Wish, Lucky Wish is infused with a transforming power that makes things happen. All it takes is a little bit of Good Luck and an empowering spritz of Anna Sui’s new fragrances, then… POOF!!! Luck will follow you everywhere! “Close your eyes, make a wish, spray the fragrance and feel transported to a happy place”, says Anna Sui on her new magical scent creation. Lucky Wish symbolizes a magical optimism in the power of wishing for all you hope for, all your dreams. An enchanting woodland fairy perched atop the fragrance bottle beckons you to reveal your innermost desires and let the magic happen. Wishing will make it so, as you splash on this shimmery, feminine scent. It is all about experiencing the power to make your dreams come true. Anna Sui Lucky Wish Scent Anna Sui Lucky Wish is a floral, citrus, woody fragrance that sparkles with pure joy, love and a touch of good luck. It opens...

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Jo Malone Basil & Neroli Review

Jo Malone Philippines just launched the newest fragrance, Basil & Neroli. A London lark London at its most fashionably young and fun. Flirt with oh-so floral neroli and a delicious wink of basil. Quintessentially British, always playful. Fresh, fun, full of adventure. My Thoughts on Jo Malone Basil & Neroli The first time I tried Jo Malone Basil & Neroli, I knew it’s going to be one of my favorites. There’s something earthy and clean with this scent, at the same time, uplifting. It’s refreshing and lively. It’s simple, yet sophisticated. It has floral scent with green facets. Jo Malone made a perfect mix that can appeal to both the young and the young at heart. It’s also a unisex fragrance that’s great for both day and night. And what made me fall in love with Basil & Neroli even more? The longer it stays on my skin, the fresher it gets – making it a good choice for our tropical and humid weather. As with other Jo Malone fragrances, it can be worn alone or combined with other fragrances for more depth or to create a signature scent. The bad news? You need to sit tight as it’s going to be available on September 2016! But I can promise you, it’s worth the wait!!!  Tasting Notes Top: Basil Heart: Neroli Base: White Musk Jo Malone Basil & Neroli Philippines Prices The Basil & Neroli...

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Your Favorite Perfume On The Go

How many times do you have to leave your perfume behind because it can’t fit your purse or you’re afraid it might spill inside your bag? Well, it happens to me all the time!!! Recently, I was introduced to Travalo and Perfume Pod – the life savers of perfume lovers! Travalo and Perfume Pod are not your ordinary atomizer. Both are manufactured by the same company and feature the Genie-S refill system, which preserves all the potency of your perfume and is guaranteed leak proof. It self-regulates the pressure to the environment (changes in altitude don’t affect the quality of your perfume) offering you a safe and reliable refillable solution. Travalo and Perfume Pod work the same way, which I’ll show below. Remove the perfume bottle spray head. Insert the bottom of the atomizer to the perfume bottle, as seen below. Then, pump to fill. That’s it! As you can see, the perfume goes directly from the original sealed bottle to portable spray without exposure to air, so there is no chance of changing the scent. Both come in about 3-inch bottle in various colors. This 5ml bottle can produce roughly around 65 sprays. But what’s the difference between the two brands? Well, the price and the look. Travalo has the U-change technology, which enables you to mix and match your inner bottle with any Travalo case so you can match your...

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