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Rose Gold Hair Color

Who would have thought that rose gold can also be a hair color?! It has been a trend for a while now and I must admit, it is as flattering as rose gold jewelries and accessories! I have been meaning to try it, but I had to rest my hair for a couple of months. Now that my birthday is coming up, I thought it would be a perfect time to sport a new do. Why not try rose gold hair color?! So, this is the photo I posted on my Instagram (@lush_angel) that caused a bit of chaos. Kidding! But yeah, a lot of people have been asking about this rose gold hair color, which was done by Hairshaft Salon in Podium. Let me just go through the semi-tedious process that let to my rose gold hair color. First, they lightened my hair a bit to achieve the hair color I wanted. The foils were heavy! Haha! A few minutes later, my hair was rinsed and toner was applied on the mid-section and on the ends. My hair was rinsed again and they worked on my roots. And… TA-DA! Done! Well, it’s not as simple as it looks since the entire process took us around 5.5 hours. Of course, I had to do hair treatment right after, which is very important after hair coloring, and a Brazilian Blowout. Well,...

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Summer Hairstyle: Braided Headband Video Tutorial

It has been a while since I posted a hair tutorial here on my blog. I actually filmed this Braided Headband video tutorial about a year ago for All Things Hair and I completely forgot to share it here. Ooops… sorry about that! Well, I just saw this again recently in YouTube and thought it would be a great alternative for a summer hairstyle. If you’re not into ponytail and you just opt to leave your hair down, you can try the braided headband. It sounds intimidating, I know. But I promise, it’s not! It’s super easy and you can even do it for events or special occasions. You’ll get the finish look in less than 5 minutes! Plus, it’s a perfect hairstyle for both the young and the young at heart. 😉 Here’s my Braided Headband Video Tutorial… Enjoy! So, what do you think? In case you haven’t seen, I have more easy-to-do hairstyles and hair tips uploaded in All Things Hair YouTube channel. You can check out my complete videos in this link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIT_RI2qhiAmQ9CvhCPgFDhX_k_BK2KS2. Don’t worry because for Smart Prepaid subscribers, you won’t run out of data allocation with the new BigBytes 50 offer. Still at PHP 50 for 3 days, you can keep on watching my video tutorials while you do it on your own hair since you can now enjoy 700MB open access + 600 MB YouTube, iflix, and...

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A Spotlight on the #ModernFilipina

As we all strive to be the best versions of ourselves, we constantly try to find ways of going beyond beautiful, and transforming ourselves for the better to become the woman we aspire to be. Gone are the days of the Maria Claras, as women are slowly climbing up the ranks and embracing bigger and better roles for themselves. Today, the Modern Filipina has become both a spotlight and a beacon. She has evolved into a fearless and trailblazing individual determined to realize her dreams and make a positive influence in the world. Cream Silk, together with the Philippines’ top magazines, continues to champion every Filipina’s journey of transformation, as they launch Cream Silk Transformations: Spotlight on the Modern Filipina, a glamorous, empowering and inspiring activity-filled event this coming January 23, 2016. The one-day affair, to be held at the World Trade Center tent will feature several areas hosted by MEGA, Preview, Metro, Meg, Yes, and Cosmopolitan. Attendees will be able to explore the whole venue, attend a variety of workshops presented by industry experts from each publication (topics include fashion, beauty, confidence building and hair care), and experience their own hair transformations at Cream Silk’s special booth. Aside from that, Cream Silk will also be introducing a strong lineup of Modern Filipinas, women who embody the traits and characteristics of the Modern Filipina to serve as inspiration, each being...

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Kiehl’s SuperSkinSesh

I visited Kiehl’s in Greenbelt 5 for a #SuperSkinSesh. What is it all about? Well, it’s a skin session to know more about Kiehl’s, my skin, and products I should use. Let me just share a brief background about Kiehl’s, which I think I shared a thousand times also here in the blog. Haha! But for those who are not so familiar with the brand, it started in 1851 in East Village NYC by John Kiehl. Then, his apprentice Irving Morse, who was also involved in the development of many Kiehl’s products today like Crème de Corps, purchased Kiehl Pharmacy in 1921. Eventually, his son Aaron Morse took over and brought international recognition to the brand. After 160 years, Kiehl’s still remains to be true to its commitment in being the purveyor of the world’s finest skincare- with no rules, just skin care that works. It has become a brand loved by many all over the globe. I took the skin test first to know the appropriate Kiehl’s products I should use. As expected, my skin is oily, especially on the t-zone. I was also given a little “crash course” on Kiehl’s products. I’m not new to the brand. In fact, I’m using some of my favorites. But if you look at any Kiehl’s boutique from a far, you would probably wonder what are all those skincare products? They can...

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Balayage Hair Color or Subtle Highlights

It’s quite obvious how much I love to color my hair. Well, my regular visits to the salon and forever changing hair color, as seen in my Instagram account (@lush_angel), can attest to that. My favorite would probably getting highlights rather than a full head color. For me, it is more natural and adds dimension to the hair. Trust me, it’s really different. But what is Balayage? What makes it different from traditional hair coloring? What is Balayage? Balayage is a hair coloring technique, which has been around for quite a while now. It’s a freehand technique, which is why others would call it “hair painting”. It’s subtler than highlights since it’s not noticeable streaks. It has become popular that a lot of Holywood celebrities and models have been wearing it. Honestly, I used to love those streaks ever since I was in high school. But when Fred Penales of Hairshaft Salon introduced me to Balayage, I had a change of heart. Why? Advantages of Balayage Balayage color looks softer and natural than usual streak highlights or traditional hair coloring. It gives soft, sun-kissed highlights. Most importantly, Balayage is very low maintenance. Regrowth lines are less noticeable. In fact, it grows out beautifully. So in my most recent visit to Hairshaft salon, I thought of going for another Balayage. Here’s how my hair looks before the treatment. I know, I’m...

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