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My Top 4 Non-Negotiables in Workout Clothes

Gone are the days when fashion and fitness do not seem to go well together. Recently, ‘athleisure’ became a fashion term and it has been well-embraced by many — me included. But when you do serious or intense exercises, what do you really look for in workout clothes? To help you shop, let me share my top 4 non-negotiables in workout clothes. Performance. The clothes must “move with my body”. They must be stretchable and comfortable. I do not have the time for wardrobe malfunctions while working out. Note that some exercises may require special clothing. For example, I...

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Rackshack: The Younger Brother of Racks

I’ve always been a fan of Racks Pork Ribs. It is not a joke when I say, I can eat them all day, errday! Racks is still the best ribs in town for me and I’m quite sure most of you would agree. So, when I was told that Racks now has a cool younger brother, I got really curious. The first thing that came to my mind, do they serve the exact pork ribs? Well, for someone who eats them often, I should know! Presenting… Rackshack, the younger brother of Racks. What makes it different? It has an...

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5 Daily Activities That Can Damage Your Skin

Surprise! Do you know that some of your daily activities can damage your skin? Today, I thought of sharing with you the things you might be doing that can actually harm or advance the aging of your skin. Sun exposure. You all know this for sure but I just need to reiterate it here. This is why it is important to apply sunblock every single day ā€“ not just when you are doing outdoor activities. Even when in the car or staying indoors, you are still exposed to UV rays. Do you know that the light emitted by your...

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Importance of Diet in Achieving Your Fitness Goal

Diet plays an important role in achieving your fitness goal. And here is the good news — it is not all about cutting your carb intake, which is the common notion. People would always ask me what my diet is but I do not follow a specific one. I usually go for calorie count, but Iā€™m not very strict about it. I would like to enjoy my fitness journey and not stress about it. But here are some of my diet tips to achieve your fitness goal. First, determine your fitness goal ā€“ is it to get leaner or...

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Power Dressing and FashionCare Go Hand In Hand

“Power dressing” is a term coined to exhibit authority through fashion. This is a proof how the clothes we wear greatly affect our confidence or even our mood. Power dress in events Power dress in meetings Power dress in concerts I love to dress up as it gives me the boost of confidence to face the world. My clothes are like my armor that helps me conquer my day and protects me from unavoidable circumstances. I remember recently how uncomfortable I was with what I was wearing. I didn’t like my outfit in general, giving me a bad mood...

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