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Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish at Nailaholics

Most of you are probably familiar with gel polish. In fact, nail salons these days offer various brands. But what are their differences? Which one is the best? To be honest, I’m also on the lookout of “the one”. I’ll be attending a wedding in the U.S. early next year and I’m kinda planning already on where will I have my nails, hair, and makeup done. Well, it’s more of the bride asking her entire entourage since she can get a package for everyone. Hehe! Since I’ll be flying in 3 days before her wedding, I thought why not just have my nails done here in Manila? We all know how expensive a manicure service is in the U.S.! So, that’s the reason why I’m trying out gel polish again! A few weeks ago, I was able to try Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish at Nailaholics Nail Salon & Spa. Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish is the preferred brand by most of Hollywood’s most esteemed nail technicians, including those who do the nails of Adele, Lady Gaga and Khloe Kardashian. The process of application is actually the same as the other gel polish brands. First, the nail technician applied a clear base. Then, she used 18G LED lamp to cure it. Next, she used a cleanser. Then, she applied the nail color and used the LED lamp in between coats. I...

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TONYMOLY Tonynail Enamel Remover Review

I haven’t tried any Korean nail polish remover until recently, which is this TONYMOLY Tonynail Enamel Remover. How is it different from other polish removers available in drugstores? Here is my Tonynail Enamel Remover Review. TONYMOLY Tonynail Enamel Remover Product Information Quickly removes even the most stubborn nail color as it strengthens the nails. I love TONYMOLY Tonynail Enamel Remover because… it smells good!!! It smells acetone at first but it changes to a sweet floral scent after a few seconds! it does not dry out my cuticles, nails, and skin. of its packaging. It comes in a push-down-turn cap to make sure you close the bottle nice and tight. It also has small opening to prevent the liquid from evaporating fast. it can remove regular polish easily. a cotton pad with the right amount of Tonynail Enamel Remover can clean at least 3-4 nails – which makes it inexpensive! easily available in all Tonymoly boutiques. my nails do not get that “white film”, unlike other drying nail polish removers. it’s affordable at PHP 128 for 150ml! I wish TONYMOLY Tonynail Enamel Remover… is available in a smaller size. It’s only available in one size. Tips on TONYMOLY Tonynail Enamel Remover Dispense an appropriate amount on cotton pad. For glittered polish or polishes that are quite hard to remove, leave the soaked cotton pad on top of your nails...

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Bring Back Healthy Nails With Zoya Naked Manicure

I’m quite sure most of the ladies out there who love to wear nail polish have a hard time “resting” their nails. Unfortunately, most polishes available in the market cause brittle and yellow nails when used every single day. Recently, I was introduced to the new Zoya Naked Manicure. I initially thought it’s just a collection of ordinary polish in nude shades. Well, apparently, it’s not. Read more about the Zoya Naked Manicure System after the jump. Zoya, the world’s leading cruelty-free nail polish brand, developed a nail rejuvenating system that promises to bring back the health and natural beauty of the nails – the Naked Manicure System. It works in two ways: First, it provides instant cosmetic correction – which means nails will look flawless (perfected free edges, neutralized discoloration, refined surface and leveled nail plate) instantly, and of course, with a natural finish. Second, the system – especially its base – through continued use, promises to bring back the natural beauty and health of the nails through the many vitamins and minerals in it, such as vitamin E, B5, red algae, gingko and a protein complex. These perfectors are available in six nude/pastel shades. Yes, this means you can wear nail color everyday without causing damage to your nails. Plus, it’s available in different seals or top coats depending on your preference – glossy, matte, and satin. Just like all...

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Closet Remix

If I would choose 10 basic fashion pieces from my wardrobe to create various looks, what would it be?  LBD (Little Black Dress) Blazer Long sleeves Chinos Plain sleeveless blouse Rubber shoes Dressy flats Classic flats Heels Purse These days, I’m actually after comfort, which explains my choices like dress, chinos, rubber shoes, and flats. First of all, I consider the LBD a must-have in every girl’s closet since it’s a versatile piece. You can wear it anytime, anywhere. Styling is the key. As you’ll see below, I just love to play around with my shoes to dress up or dress down my LBD. To add a little pop of color to my staples, I chose a pastel blue sleeveless top for my lazy day and office wear. As for my purse, I decided to stick to one that can be carried around in different ways. With my fashion staples, check out how I styled them for office OOTD, lazy day fashion, date night, street style, and day-to-night look. Office OOTD For office wear, I wanted something comfortable, and at the same time, elegant. I paired my khaki pants with a dressy sleeveless top. The blazer makes the look more formal since I opted to wear a classic pair of ballet flats. For days that I need to be on my desk most of the time, I love to...

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Bespoke Pampering at French Tips Nail Parlour

The moment I open my eyes in the morning, I always wish I can instantly transport to a relaxing and peaceful place. Who wouldn’t?! With the horrendous Manila traffic, add to that the Christmas rush, I can’t stop thinking of an escape. Hmmm… France maybe? Why not? It’s not that impossible to go for a quick trip to France and see the gardens of Provence. Recently, I visited French Tips Nail Parlour at SM Megamall and this is what I saw the moment I entered. It’s like the city’s best kept secret, where you can unwind in the picturesque gardens of France. What makes Frech Tips Nail Parlour different? It combines bespoke pampering experience with a unique French themed ideal. The moment you step in, you’ll be ushered into a luxe escape from the daily grind. Before I started my luxurious journey, I was asked how I wanted to customize my French Tips experience by selecting my preferred scents for the lotions and foot soaks they will use on me (choices include: wild rose and pomegranate, mandarin and grapefruit and olive and green tea). As for the interiors, it reflects the quiet luxury of France as each element inside French Tips Nail Parlour lets you bask in the elegance that the country is known for – from the high back armchairs that invite you to sink yourself in to...

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