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Do Your Gel Polish At Home

Ever since I tried gel polish a few years back, I’ve always wished I could apply it on my own at home. I love how it can last for more than a week without chipping. It has been my go-to polish whenever I plan to go to the beach or when I have a special occasion to attend to. On the downside, it’s a little pricey. And what I hate the most is that it can’t be removed with a regular nail polish remover. I have to go to a nail salon just to have it removed – with an additional charge usually. I’m sure I’m not the only one with the same sentiments. But who would have thought our prayers will be answered soon?! There’s now a gel polish in the market that we can easily apply on our own. And take note, this is not the kind of gel polish that needs the artificial UV light machine. I couldn’t believe it myself too until Solique Gel Polish by Girlstuff was introduced in an intimate event. Janina Gutierrez-Tan, owner of Girlstuff, saying her welcome remarks during the even and my dearest friend, Nikki Tiu, as host I featured Girlstuff before as one of the Filipino nail polish brands that has superb quality. You can check it out in this post: http://lushangel.com/2014/12/30/new-year-ready-nails-girlstuff/ The Solique Gel Polish by Girlstuff, made...

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Michael Kors Fragrance and Beauty Collection

Sometimes Sporty. Always Sexy. And never afraid to be Glam. That’s the Michael Kors woman. Well, that sort of describes my personality, except that I just “TRY” to be always sexy. Haha! When I think of the designer Michael Kors, my first thoughts are their watches and bags. I’m a die hard fan of their watches that I actually made sure to get different kinds of oversized watches – rose gold, gold, two-tone, and tortoise. But now, there’s something new to look forward to and it’s now available in Manila –  the Michael Kors Fragrance and Beauty Collection. With his first global beauty lifestyle collection, Michael Kors has created an entirely original, ultimately fabulous expression of beauty. Three major fragrance statements and color capsules take center stage, while coordinating body and sun offerings speak to Kors’ love of the all-over dewy, sun-kissed look Michael Kors Fragrance At the heart of this collection are three unique fragrances—each carefully constructed to represent one of the three facets of the Michael Kors woman: SPORTY, SEXY and GLAM. SPORTY CITRUS It is crisp with orange and mandarin at the forefront, while warm woods and white florals linger in the background. Creamy, woodsy notes are the olfactive equivalent of luscious nudes, a famous hallmark color of a Michael Kors look. It communicates the irresistible appeal of the confident, casual woman who puts herself together with a polished ease—and...

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Yes, I’m A Nailaholic!

I’m a bagaholic, a shoeaholic, and… a nailaholic. I always want to see my nails nice, well-shaped and clean. Having a lovely color of nail polish every now and then is also a plus. And what’s an ideal ambiance to do this pamper session? I had my nails done while enjoying this view. Well, an island girl like me would surely appreciate any photos of the beach, so YAY to Nailaholics interiors!!! 😀 I visited Nailaholics located at the old Eastwood mall recently in preparation for an upcoming beach trip, supposedly. Well, work got into the way last week, but I’m not complaining. In fact, I’m truly grateful. So, I’m hoping to feel the sand in between my toes before summer completely ends this weekend. I feel at home here at Nailaholics! Haha! I tried out one of their Hand & Foot Care Packages. Of course, Lush Angel tried their package called “Lush Lagoon” (PHP 950). LOL! It comes with manicure, pedicure, foot spa and foot therapy. My sister went with me and tried out “Silent Tide” (PHP 1,000), which includes foot therapy, back massage, and scalp massage. My sister and I badly needed this pamper session, so obviously we had a great time. The massage was so relaxing and of course, my nails were sooo happy! After my Nepal trip, finally I found time to have nice, clean nails again....

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Summer Around The World Experience By Beauty Bar

So, how’s summer treating you? As for me, I just experienced summer around the world! Thanks to Beauty Bar! How? Read on. While I was in Nepal, I was invited by Beauty Bar to experience Summer Around The World. As if I didn’t get exhausted from my trip, I went to Central Square, Bonifacio Global City for the summer around the world experience. Hey, who would say no to that?! 😉 Upon entering Central Square, I saw several booths channeling different places around the globe. First stop: Summer Carnivale a.k.a. the hair styling bar. Of course, I took the opportunity to pamper my tresses. Hairstylist Vien used Eva Nyc iron to achieve loose curls. I really want that for myself too!!! The result, which you’ll see in my next photos, looks perfect! I also had a really, really good massage at the Asian Beach Vibes booth. Oooh… I surely needed that after my tiring trip. Trekking for a total of 22 hours is not a joke! I honestly wished I could stay there for an hour. Haha! Hi Nikki! She enjoyed this as well. Of course, mommy duties also call for a short break sometimes. 😉 If I had a few more minutes on that chair, I would loved to lather those moisturizers from Bomb Cosmetics for the massage. Bomb Cosmetics products are handmade and all natural. I got a little makeover...

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Girlstuff Bloggers’ Elite Summer Collection

For those who have been reading my blog, you probably remember my post a few months back about Girlstuff nail polish. That was my first time to try it out because my good friend Nikki, who loves to do nail art tutorials, couldn’t stop raving about it. The brand has been around for quite some time now, but I never really thought of using it for myself. I used to have that impression that Girlstuff is actually a nail polish for kids since my nieces use that too. Obviously, I was wrong. Haha! I was surprised that they’ve got really nice shades. What caught my attention too is that Girlstuff polish is actually made in France and is free of harmful chemicals. And now, Girlstuff made it even more exciting as they launch their Bloggers’ Elite Summer Collection. Girlstuff tied-up with 4 beautiful bloggers and named their favorite shade after their blogs. Woot! Who are they??? Yay! Congratulations to Nikki Tiu, Christina Decena, Jackie Go, and Frances Sales! See their respective nail polish shades below. Who doesn’t know my bff Nikki Tiu?! I know by heart she would choose pink! She’s very girly and dainty. AskMeWhats is an extraordinary, very feminine shade. I must say, it’s very much “Nikki”. Haha! It’s like a blend of pink and lilac that reflects a very young, cheerful vibe, just like her personality....

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