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OOTD: Breaking Fashion Rules

You have probably heard various fashion styling rules – what not to wear, how to mix colors, what accessories to put, and the list goes on and on. And I’m quite sure all of us have broken some of those “rules” at some point. Let me tell you a secret… I love breaking rules – when it comes to fashion, of course. Take for example this… They say black and brown can’t go together. I beg to disagree. Well, in this case, it is not exactly brown. It is tan, a lighter shade of brown that is a great...

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OOTD: Horizontal Stripes Shirt Dress Styling

Dresses, in general, are the easiest to wear especially on days when you do not want to stress yourself of having to think about what to pair with your top or your bottom. Last weekend, I thought of wearing a shirt dress instead of my usual street style look (which usually happens on weekends only… LOL!) I realized it has been a while since I wore a shirt dress, so why not?! Shirt dress with horizontal stripes can be a bit tricky to wear, to be honest. I would normally go for vertical stripes to make me look taller since...

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OOTD: Ariana Grande Concert Outfit Idea

I know, Ariana Grande’s concert here in Manila is over. Well, I just thought of sharing an outfit idea if you are attending any concerts soon. 😉 A few weeks ago, I had the chance to watch the concert of Ariana Grande. I’ve been wanting to see her perform live. I was not able to watch her the first time she went to Manila so I was really hoping to see her this year. Birthday luck, indeed! Haha! And we all know who are the real fans of Ariana – teens! So, why not be one of them?! I...

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OOTD: Skinny No More

Skinny jeans are my go-to as they can make my legs look longer, at the same time, can go with any footwear – from flats to sneakers to boots to high heels. But I’m willing to take a break from time to time, especially when I find the right style and fit. There are days when we want to go for something relaxed but not quite. Agree? My take on this, wear a boyfriend tee, bootleg pants, and high heels. The boyfriend tee gives me that relaxed feel, while my pair of bootleg jeans and high heels take the...

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OOTD: Serial Outfit Repeater

I’m a serial outfit repeater. So what? Who said you can’t be seen in the same clothes? If you remember, I posted this skirt recently. (You can see it in THIS LINK.) Isn’t it too pretty not to wear it again? This time, I paired it with a cropped top and blocked heels. The question is: Is it really okay to repeat clothes? YES! Will people notice? Probably some, but so what? It’s not as if they will tell you or other people that they’ve seen you in the same clothes. If they do, then they are not worth...

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