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OOTD: Off-White

When I see models in magazines wearing an all white outfit, I can’t help but give a second look. It’s simple. It’s pure. It’s elegant. It’s classy. I’m sure you get what I mean. Not all though are comfortable in wearing an all white outfit. A lot of us feel it’s not something that everybody can pull off. Well, why not go for off-white instead of paper white? Here’s an outfit idea… One of the most common reasons why people try to avoid wearing white is that it can make you look fatter. Try to wear something that can cut the silhouette of your body, like a blazer. Leave it open and it can give an illusion of thinner torso. I paired my blazer and chiffon blouse with tattered shorts. Mixing formal and casual pieces brings that not-so-dressed-up and not-so-dressed-down vibe, which I think is just perfect for a casual day. I was actually thinking of going all white/ off-white. But I’ve always loved pop of colors, so I went for tangerine pumps and bag. If you’re not so comfortable wearing all white, then bring out your fave colors in your accessories. White goes with anything, but make sure to keep all your accessories in the same color family. You don’t want to ruin the classiness of your ensemble by wearing orange shoes, barbie pink bag, green bangle, and so...

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OOTD: Orange Pop

Print, denim and a pop of orange. Just before I left for Japan, I spent one relaxing afternoon in Baguio after visiting Our Lady of Manaoag. It was surprisingly cold up there, while we were experiencing extreme heat in Manila at that time. It was really a good thing I decided to wear pants. I paired my black and white printed pants with a denim top. For my shoes and bag, I chose to go for neutrals and just let one specific accessory pop. Ahhh… I’m in love with this Superdry watch! If you follow me on Instagram (@lush_angel), Twitter (@lush_angel) and Facebook (lushangelblog), you’ve probably seen some photos of the watches from this Tokyo-inspired UK brand. It captures elements of “urban” and “street wear” designs with subtle combinations of vintage Americana, Japanese imagery and British tailoring – all with strong attention to detail. In fact, when I posted pictures of the watches, a number of people messaged me right away asking for details- where to buy and how much. Superdry is known to be pricey when it comes to clothes, that’s why I couldn’t believe it myself when I heard of the price points of their watches!!! Okay, hold on. I will tell you more about it later. Let me just give a quick rundown of the Superdry watches that I love! The watchaholic in me feels the need to share....

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Summer Nights Outfit Ideas

Summer is always associated with fun and bright colors. No doubt, when we’re at the beach or when we’re out for some casual event, it’s almost automatic that we choose to wear our bright and printed summer pieces. But how about on those occasions when we need to be a bit prim and proper, for example attending a cocktail party, going on a date in a fancy restaurant, or lounging with your girl friends? When it comes to less casual dressing, I’m pretty sure the most common choice would be the basic colors. But why limit yourself to such? Why not bring out the summer fun from day to night? Let’s chase summer with these outfit ideas for different occasions. We usually see dark colors during cocktail parties. Be the light in the dark with something bright and loud. Haha! I actually mentioned in my Mango Magnified Spring Summer 2013 post how much I love yellow dresses. It’s a head turner color for me. The cut of the dress is also perfect for such occasions as there’s no need to be bothered with bulging tummy. Hehe! Now, who says comfortable dressing can never be achieved in formal gatherings, huh? Since my dress is bright enough to scream summer, I went for the basic black for my shoes, bag and accessories. Going out on a date with a guy for...

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I just remembered I wasn’t able to share photos from my 7-day Boracay trip. If you follow me on Instagram (@lush_angel), you’ve probably seen some photos of the #laboracay chaos. Haha! I’m so sorry there are so many backlogs on my plate right now. In fact, I haven’t even posted photos of my Japan trip last March and I just learned I’m actually going back very, very soon!!! *happy feet* Anyway, let me just share some photos of this wrap cover-up dress, which has become my fave comfy beach wear. 😀 I thought of doing one post for all three dresses (yes, i have three to match my bikinis! lol!) because they just vary in color and length. Hehe! This saved me from thinking too much on what to wear. I actually realized it’s harder to pack for long beach trips compared to  some cold weather vacation. Okay, I’m weird like that! 😀 Yellow for the beach is definitely a YES!!! 😀 Don’t be fooled that I’m too conservative for the beach… The surprise comes at the back… LOL! I think I mentioned in one of my posts, I’m in love with any backless top/ dress! It’s my thing. Braided strap is such a cute detail, don’t you think? 😉 peek-a-boo! Now, here’s the shorter version of the wrap cover-up dress. The details are the same except for the length...

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OOTD: Mood Brightener

How do you brighten up your mood? As for me, wearing anything colorful can give me an upper. I recently had the chance to wear this outfit from Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring/ Summer 2013 collection. Why not wear something bright before summer completely ends, like this neon tee? 🙂 Well, anything colorful brightens up my day! Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 Collection presents old school inspired silhouttes through the mood brightening color prism of the 80s. Instead of going for too much accessories, I just used the scarf as a bandana and I guess it pretty much dressed up the entire look. Oh and can I just say, I’m so loving the checkered print of this scarf! It adds statement to the outfit in an instant! 🙂 It can also be worn as a headband to tone down the look. If you think a headpiece brings too much attention though, use your lovely scarf as an added accessory to your bag. As for my navy blue shorts, it is a nice contrast to my neon top. And to bring balance to the look, I went for neutral shoes and bag. How about you? What’s your mood brightener? 🙂 Shirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs Shorts: Marc by Marc Jacobs Scarf: Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag: Chanel Medallion Shoes: Rubi Watch: Michael Kors Bracelet: Philippe...

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