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Restaurant Verbena by Discovery Country Suites Tagaytay

Tagaytay has been a go-to relaxation place of a lot of people from Manila. It’s a breather from the hustle and bustle of the city. In fact, I love to go to Tagaytay to get a massage, to go on a staycation, or simply to eat. I frequent the city almost every month. Recently, I discovered a new place to dine in Tagaytay. It’s not exactly new. For some reason, I just never noticed it. Why oh why?! What’s wrong with my eyes?! It’s Restaurant Verbena by Discovery Country Suites. Discovery Country Suites is a bed and breakfast kind of property. It was refurbished and re-opened last November 2014. Included in the renovation is Restaurant Verbena, Discovery Country Suites’ dining area. I’ll be sharing more about my staycation experience at Discovery Country Suites in a different post. For now, let me share how much I was missing a lot every time I go to Tagaytay without satisfying my tummy at Restaurant Verbena. The moment you enter Discovery Country Suites, you’ll see the dining area right away. As you can see from my photos, the feel is very homey. It’s as if you’re just dining at your own home, but with the view of the Taal Lake and Volcano. Even the servers are so nice. They attend to your needs – even without asking them. They simply know how to...

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Chillin’ At Discovery Country Suites

Before I share my beautiful staycation experience at Discovery Country Suites, let me show you first my favorite spot here. Who wouldn’t fall in love with this outdoor jacuzzi overlooking the Taal lake?! Despite the fog, the view was perfect. I wouldn’t deny, I hoped for clear blue skies, of course. But as you can see from my photos below, the view was still spectacular! You might wonder how I could lounge in my swimwear in Tagaytay. Well, since it’s summer, it doesn’t get too cold during day time. It still gets a bit chilly at night though. Also, that jacuzzi is heated, so I don’t mind staying in there all day – with my special delivery of lemon water! 😀 Haha! I really commend the service here at Discovery Country Suites. They know what the customers want and need – without even asking them. I even got several surprises from them, as you can see from my Instagram posts (username: lush_angel). Big thanks again to The Discovery Leisure Company team! Anyway, await for my stories on their food and accommodations. They definitely deserve to be on the spotlight. 😀 Obviously, with this spectacular view, I took the opportunity to take photos of this swimwear I recently got from Cesa. Honestly, this is the first one-piece swimsuit I’ve ever owned. What made me decide to get this? The back detail!...

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Boracay Mermaid Experience

Summer is here and I’m quite sure a lot of you are planning or have booked a trip to Boracay. Thinking of what to do during your vacation to make it memorable? Of course, there are water activities like Jet Ski, Parasailing, Zorb, Paraw (sail boat), and the like, or the famous cliff diving at Ariel’s Point. But if you are looking for something unique to try, why not be a mermaid for a day? Okay, just for a few minutes actually. For the guys, don’t worry there’s also fish feeding, which is almost like scuba diving. Read more of my Boracay Mermaid Experience and details after the cut. I never failed to mention in my previous Boracay posts how much I love the island. I often go to Boracay, but it was only during my last visit when I first saw Boracay Oceanarium at Crown Regency Resorts & Convention Center. It is a huge tunnel aquarium, which houses various fishes – including baby sharks. This is where they hold the fish feeding sessions and the mermaid lessons too. Look at the baby sharks!!! They also have the world’s largest pearl ever discovered, which they call The Pearl of the King. It weighs 9 kilograms and measures 18 inches in diameter. Amazing, huh?! While walking through the tunnel, look who decided to make an appearance?! We were all so amazed that we couldn’t stop snapping photos of...

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Bali In The Philippines: Cintai Corito’s Garden

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter (@lush_angel), you probably saw a glimpse of my quick getaway over the weekend. Because a lot of people got so curious were I was, might as well share this beauty to everyone. Take note, I didn’t have to book a plane to see paradise. In fact, it’s just about 1.5 hours away from Metro Manila. And just like that, I was transported to Bali! Bali in the Philippines??? Yup, and that’s Cintai Corito’s Garden. A Tour Around Cintai Corito’s Garden Personally, I consider Bali as one of those places I’d like to go back again and again. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it. There are so much to see. Plus, the chill vibe and the happy people are simply very inviting. You can see more of Bali in my Travelogue: Bali Indonesia post. So, when I learned that there is “Bali in the Philippines”, I had to see and experience it for myself. Obviously, I was amazed! The sanctuary is Balinese-inspired, as you can see from these photos. The history of this place is actually interesting. The garden started out as a family rest house. In 2005, their mother Corito was diagnosed with a terminal illness. To let her relax, the family brought her to this sanctuary often until she passed away. Her husband and children then decided to make the garden a paradise since Corito loved...

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Bacolod Masskara Festival (Part 2): #SmartMasskara

Perfect setup, great DJs, lively crowd, fun companions, and overflowing drinks made the Masskara Invasion an epic night. Although we slept almost sunrise, we were alive and kickin’ for the next day’s activities. Day 3: Bacolod Masskara Festival #SmartMasskara   Our day 3 was the Masskara parade, which Smart was part of. with Kryz, Patricia, Camille and Alyssa inside the van waiting for the parade to start… It was drizzling that afternoon but it didn’t stop us from having fun! Happy faces on a colorful afternoon… And yes, we were part of it! 😉 Bloggers love to multi-task, you know. So while on our trucks trying to balance so we won’t fall, we were dancing, chit-chatting, and taking photos around. We also decided to join the performers who gamely posed with us! 😀 Thanks again to Smart for letting us experience the street parade- definitely one for the books! 😀 After having our super late lunch, we dropped by Felicia’s for their good ensaymada. Ahhh… another sweet haven! 😀 Because we made sure to pack so much energy for this trip, some of us were still game to tour around the city. Haha! Unfortunately, a lot of the places we wanted to visit were already closed at that time so we decided to go back to The Ruins. I must say, it’s also a must-see at night. There’s really something magical here...

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