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OOTD: Sun’s Out

When sun’s out and natural oils are out, there’s no need for highlighters! LOL! Well, I just had the luxury of time to apply my mask the night before. Therefore, I opted to be semi-makeup free when I took these photos. I just applied brow pencil and lipstick. And if you’re wondering what mask I’m currently using, you can read my thorough review HERE. I just realized applying mask can actually make a lot of difference. It’s just a matter of finding the right mask that actually works for you. Of course, aside from masks, an effective skincare routine...

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OOTD: Breaking Fashion Rules

You have probably heard various fashion styling rules – what not to wear, how to mix colors, what accessories to put, and the list goes on and on. And I’m quite sure all of us have broken some of those “rules” at some point. Let me tell you a secret… I love breaking rules – when it comes to fashion, of course. Take for example this… They say black and brown can’t go together. I beg to disagree. Well, in this case, it is not exactly brown. It is tan, a lighter shade of brown that is a great...

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OOTD: Tee Styling

Noticed anything lately? Graphic tees are everywhere! And nope, it is not just for street style wearers. (Although I would admit, I’m loving the comfort of street style these days!) And yes, you can now wear an oversized graphic tee outside your house without being judged that you are in your sleepwear. LOL! Ooooh… I love it! Anyway, sharing the most basic combo today: tee + high waisted shorts + white sneakers Well, it was Tommy’s birthday so I opted to wear a comfortable casual wear — can’t go wrong with a shirt + denim shorts combo. Going out with Tommy means a lot of walking and running so a pair of rubber shoes is the way to go! And since I already anticipated that we will be out until after dinner, layering a jacket should add some “spice” to the outfit. I went for a denim on denim. What do you think? 😉 So, are you ready to wear your graphic tees again? More tee styling inspirations soon! 🙂 Denim Jacket: Gap Top: Miami tee from NBA store Shorts: Garage Shoes: Adidas NMD XR1 Bag: Rebecca Minkoff For instant beauty, fashion, travel, fitness, or random updates from me, LIKE lushangelblog on FACEBOOK, FOLLOW lush_angel on TWITTER and lush_angel on...

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adidas Warp Knit Collection: Fashionable and Functional Workout Clothes

Workout should not be boring. Although you have to work hard and treat it seriously to reach your fitness goals, there should always be that element of fun to let you look forward to your next session. Agree? One way to excite you is to wear nice workout clothes – but let’s make that fashionable AND functional. Just like what I’m wearing here from the newest collection of adidas: Warp Knit. Last month, adidas globally launched its Warp Knit Collection of seamless knit training wear that combines peak performance with a signature style. To be honest, the first time...

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WDYM? Beliebers know what I’m talking about for sure. WDYM = What Do You Mean, from Justin Bieber’s song What Do You Mean? Sorry, I just have to be annoying and reiterate. I wore the Oxygen x Bieber Collection in my recent trip to Taiwan. Nothing is more comfortable than streetwear when traveling, I swear! Haha! I’m sure most of you have heard that Oxygen collaborated with Justin Bieber to drop his latest exclusive streetwear collection. The Oxygen x Bieber Collection is composed of cool graphic tees, pullovers, bomber jackets, caps, and hoodies that take heavy inspiration from the pop star himself and his hit album, Purpose. Thankfully, comfy tees are back! This collaboration was just in time with Smart Communication’s announcement weeks after that Justin Bieber is in fact having a concert here in Manila on September 30! Gaaah… Ready your Despacito dance moves guys! It is for real! Hello, Justin!!! Anyway, here are more photos of this travel OOTD. What do you think? Are you into streetwear? Shirt: Oxygen x Bieber Shorts: Oxygen Jacket: Oxygen Shoes: Adidas Ultraboost Cap: Oxygen x Bieber For instant beauty, fashion, travel, fitness, or random updates from me, LIKE lushangelblog on FACEBOOK, FOLLOW lush_angel on TWITTER and lush_angel on...

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