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Aging and Being Fine With It

“Thank You, I made it to 33.” This was the first thought that popped into my head the very moment I opened my eyes yesterday. It was my birthday and I was really happy to celebrate another year of a very blessed existence. After saying a prayer, I quickly got up from my bed and went on to prepare for a very busy day. It was my birthday, but that doesn’t mean that the world—or my work—is going to stop for me. Time has a very peculiar attitude of not waiting for anyone. And that’s what makes it so...

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One Earth Organics Skincare: Pinoy Organic Products

To those who are into organic and all-natural skincare products, rejoice as more and more options are coming in. Today, I’ll share with you my recent discovery, One Earth Organics Skincare, and their best-selling products. About One Earth Organics One Earth Organics was born in 2013 out of a need for a finer and more natural approach to skincare. Frustrated with the harmful chemical-based products available in the market and the lack of alternatives, Tyfannie Short took her cue from the global shift towards greener living and began a skincare revolution by using only plant based formulas and the most...

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Leaders Insolution First Ampoule Mask Review

I have heard a lot of good reviews about Leaders masks. So when I saw this Leaders Insolution First Ampoule Mask being sold at Tony Moly, I immediately got it. Look…with this kind of packaging, who wouldn’t? Is this some kind of science experiment? With its unique plastic test tube-like packaging and “test tube rack”, who wouldn’t get curious, right? Leaders Insolution First Ampoule Mask Product Information There are 4 kinds of Leaders Insolution First Ampoule Masks to target different skin concerns: Aquaringer (for intensive moisturizing), Mela-tox (for intensive whitening), Wrinkle-tox (for intensive lifting), and Snail Therapy (for intensive soothing). I got the Leaders Insolution Wrinkle-tox First Ampoule Mask, an anti-wrinkle mask for improving the skin elasticity, wrinkles and density. Leaders Insolution First Ampoule Mask Review I would admit, the packaging made me really curious. But after I used one tube, I realized its potential problem to the environment. I really hope users would be responsible in properly disposing these plastics. Let’s all recycle these plastics, please!!! Here’s how it looks when the tube is opened… The mask sheet is rolled on a stick. To remove the mask, unroll it and gently remove the stick. The essence is quite thick so I did not experience any spillage while unrolling the mask. I did not expect though that due to this kind of packaging, some parts of the sheet are not as soaked as...

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Skin Facts: Do You Do The B.E.D. Ritual?

How many hours of sleep do you really get every night? I used to be very conscious when it comes to my sleeping habits. As much as I can, I TRY to get at least 7 hours of sleep. Why? Do you know that aside from the affected performance at work, lack of sleep can also accelerate the signs of aging – such as hyperpigmentation, open pores, lines and wrinkles, dry patches, and dull, sagging skin? Uh-oh! Sleep deprivation can easily show on our skin. Recently, I was introduced to this B.E.D. Ritual of kojie.sanDreamWhite. It is very interesting as they believe that every beautiful woman’s success begins at nighttime when they unplug from the world and fulfil this B.E.D Ritual. What is The B.E.D. Ritual B.E.D. stands for Breathe. Enrich. Dream. The B.E.D. Ritual is a 3-step pre-sleep anti-aging beauty regimen that empowers women to make the most out of their passionate lives. Let me introduce you to these steps: Breathe. To breathe is to wash away the day’s worries and stresses. To be clean is the first step to a beautiful night’s sleep: physically through washing, and mentally through winding down. As I would always say, never ever sleep without cleansing your face. The first thing I do the moment I get home is to clean my face to remove all dirt and impurities my skin has...

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How Can We Help Stop Animal Testing?

I can still remember the day when the vet called me that my baby Calvin, a Shih Tzu, was about to say goodbye. I cancelled all my meetings and drove as fast as I could from Ortigas to Alabang (where he was confined). I took the skyway and did not mind the speed limit because for me, it was an emergency and I had to be there no matter what it takes. Obviously, at the toll gate, I was flagged down and an officer said I went over the speed limit. I explained why and he asked who was in the hospital. When I said my dog is about to die, he laughed so hard. Until now, my heart is pounding so fast out of anger whenever I remember that day. Also, remember Dolce? I shared our story in this post – http://lushangel.com/2015/09/08/my-last-goodbye-to-dolce/. While he was sick, I had to drop almost everything just to make sure he is okay. Then, it took me weeks to recover when Dolce left me. My dogs are part of our family. They are not “just dogs”. They are everything to me. This explains why I’m against animal testing. Cruelty Free International estimates that more than 500,000 animals are used for testing ingredients each year. Do you know that testing just one ingredient for hair dye, sunscreen or deodorant could cause death of around...

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