Promod: Now at Greenbelt 5

One of my favorite stores here in Manila is Promod, the leading French high street fashion brand. I actually wasn’t aware of the brand until I saw it in Europe and Dubai where it was just all over the place. I fell in love with their clothes the moment I went inside in one of their stores. The result… I ended up like hoarding their clothes! When I got back from my vacation, I learned from my other friends that they actually go to other countries just to get hold of Promod’s clothes. And guess what popped at the back of my head?! Why don’t I bring Promod here in the Philippines?! Hahaha! Thinking it was that easy… But gosh after a year, true enough someone did bring Promod here in the Philippines! Oh, lucky one!


Rihanna and Chris Brown Concert Update

Never thought TicketWorld would release details on the Rihanna and Chris Brown concert this soon. Such a big disappointment! The most awaited event will happen at the Fort open field… standing only! And on a Sunday! But why the hell should I complain right?! It’s still a back to back concert from the hottest artists around the world! I think I should still be thankful… Oh by the way, TicketWorld has an early bird promo. Ticket prices are discounted until October 31. So if I were you, I will rush to the nearest TicketWorld outlet now! More than the savings, tickets will probably be sold out in just a matter of weeks so I really have to take time to grab those tickets after office TODAY! 🙂 To know more about the ticket prices of the biggest concert of the year, just click on the picture below.


Royce Chocolates

For those who know me well, they know that I can’t live without chocolates. I am a chocolate lover that I want everything in rich, preferably dark, chocolate!!! I sooo love chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, chocolate candy, chocolate dipping (for fruits and cookies), or probably anything with chocolate. Just don’t give me weird looking or weird tasting food like chocolate pasta or chicken with chocolate. Eeeewww… that’s just gross! I only meant something for dessert.


Car Litter Bag

I have always been a fan of organizer bags. I actually sell some of them, which I will be featuring in my future posts. But anyway, have you ever felt that your car is such a mess? Parking receipts, flyers and candy wrappers scattered everywhere? Well, look what my good friends, Ada and Ed, came up with. A car litter bag! It is made of canvas, which means you won’t have problems washing it. You can also put a clear plastic inside it to easily throw all your garbage straight to the trash bin. With its adjustable straps, you can put it around the shifter or behind the car seats. It comes in two colors, red and black, as of now. Below are some pictures. You can also visit Bagging Rights to get those stylish litter bags and avoid those mess, stains and germ problems.


Rihanna and Chris Brown Live in Manila!!!

Months ago I heard that Chris Brown is having a concert here in Manila on October. I have actually been receiving e-mails on ticket prices already, making my excitement even grow higher. Now that October is here, where the hell is Chris Brown?! BUT guess what I just discovered yesterday?! (Well, isn’t it obvious in my title… LOL!)


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