Car Litter Bag

I have always been a fan of organizer bags. I actually sell some of them, which I will be featuring in my future posts. But anyway, have you ever felt that your car is such a mess? Parking receipts, flyers and candy wrappers scattered everywhere? Well, look what my good friends, Ada and Ed, came up with. A car litter bag! It is made of canvas, which means you won’t have problems washing it. You can also put a clear plastic inside it to easily throw all your garbage straight to the trash bin. With its adjustable straps, you can put it around the shifter or behind the car seats. It comes in two colors, red and black, as of now. Below are some pictures. You can also visit Bagging Rights to get those stylish litter bags and avoid those mess, stains and germ problems.


Rihanna and Chris Brown Live in Manila!!!

Months ago I heard that Chris Brown is having a concert here in Manila on October. I have actually been receiving e-mails on ticket prices already, making my excitement even grow higher. Now that October is here, where the hell is Chris Brown?! BUT guess what I just discovered yesterday?! (Well, isn’t it obvious in my title… LOL!)


Balenciaga: City vs. Giant City Motorcycle Bag

Since my office moved location last March, I rarely visit Greenbelt anymore. For those who are not aware, Greenbelt, particularly Greenbelt 4, is the only mall in Manila that houses most of the best designer brands in town such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo, and many more. Whew! It really feels like heaven in there! LOL!


Scarf: The Hip Fashion Accessory

Who said Chuck Bass is the only one who can wear a scarf? I am sooo loving scarves these days. I know this is not something new but I just find them so useful. It is an added accessory that makes your plain outfit look fab. You can opt for a thicker material, which is perfect for fall; or a sheer fabric, which works best for summer or when used as a headband, head wrap, belt, bag decoration, or just a plain accessory draping around the neck. To make myself clear, just check out how celebrities don this fashion accessory. Just click on the image below.


How to be a Bazaar Concessionaire?

Of course, earning money also plays a big role in supporting a lush-cious lifestyle. And for a number of people, the bazaar season does not only mean spending, but an opportunity to earn moolah. In fact, I love joining bazaars, as well. More than the earnings, I get to meet a lot of people. Try observing the stalls in bazaars. Most of them are manned by the owners themselves. This is probably because despite the tiredness, the enjoyment bazaars give make them want to stay in their stalls all day. If you are also interested to be a concessionaire, here are a few tips I would like to share.



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