Balenciaga: City vs. Giant City Motorcycle Bag

Since my office moved location last March, I rarely visit Greenbelt anymore. For those who are not aware, Greenbelt, particularly Greenbelt 4, is the only mall in Manila that houses most of the best designer brands in town such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo, and many more. Whew! It really feels like heaven in there! LOL!


Scarf: The Hip Fashion Accessory

Who said Chuck Bass is the only one who can wear a scarf? I am sooo loving scarves these days. I know this is not something new but I just find them so useful. It is an added accessory that makes your plain outfit look fab. You can opt for a thicker material, which is perfect for fall; or a sheer fabric, which works best for summer or when used as a headband, head wrap, belt, bag decoration, or just a plain accessory draping around the neck. To make myself clear, just check out how celebrities don this fashion accessory. Just click on the image below.


How to be a Bazaar Concessionaire?

Of course, earning money also plays a big role in supporting a lush-cious lifestyle. And for a number of people, the bazaar season does not only mean spending, but an opportunity to earn moolah. In fact, I love joining bazaars, as well. More than the earnings, I get to meet a lot of people. Try observing the stalls in bazaars. Most of them are manned by the owners themselves. This is probably because despite the tiredness, the enjoyment bazaars give make them want to stay in their stalls all day. If you are also interested to be a concessionaire, here are a few tips I would like to share.



2008 Christmas Bazaars

It’s the “-ber” months already and probably everyone knows what this means… Christmas is just around the corner! Time to buy gifts for family and friends! Why not try shopping in other places other than the malls? The best place to go shopping this season is in bazaars. You get bargains, plus you can surely find unique gift items.


Below are the upcoming schedules of the best bazaars in town so get ready with your moolah!



Lush Angel Begins

Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! Is this for real?! I totally can’t believe I already have a blog of my own. I am just used to reading other people’s blog but now here I am!!! Wheeee!!!! Most of my gratitude goes to my very good friends Hannah, Cris and Vince. Hannah was very persistent in inviting me to the blogging community. I was so hesitant at first since I am no-IT person. As much as I wanted to start one before, I felt that only a hardcore IT has the capability to make a good blog. But because of unbelievable Hannah, who by the way is not an IT person herself, she walked me through all the nitty-gritty stuff needed to fix my blog. Thank you so much, my dear!!! Of course, how could I ever forget Cris. Unlike me and Hannah, Cris is the computer expert. In fact, she is the one hosting my site!!! 🙂 Oh God, she is sooo patient answering all my questions and helping me edit my theme. Thank you, Cris for your precious time and for making this site up and running. And last but not the least, Vince. He is the one responsible for my really cute header (and yeah he is a “HE”). I am sooo loving it! I owe you guys a lot!!!! With all these special thanks, I feel I just won an award! Hahaha! Okay, I’ll be honest…When I started setting up my page, I could not sleep anymore… Yeah, yeah, that’s how excited I am. *blush-blush*


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