Painless Temporary Eyebrow Tattoo: Cathy Doll Tattoo Tint Pack Review

Imagine waking up to perfect brows everyday… it’s a dream for a lot of us, especially brows being a huge trend these days. Well, there is always the tattoo option, but the issues of discoloration and of course, needles and the pain that comes with it are main reasons why only a few are brave enough to do it. But what if…

Cathy Doll Realbrow 4D Tattoo Tint Review

Because brows are life! I guess I’ll never get tired reviewing brow products. Here’s a unique one from Cathy Doll. Why unique? Well, you’ll find out later on! Read on my┬áCathy Doll Realbrow 4D Tattoo Tint Review below.

Cathy Doll Now In The Philippines

It’s undeniable how much we, Filipinas, love Korean makeup. Just a few weeks ago, one of the leading brands in Asia that offers Korean-inspired beauty products finally launched in the Philippines.┬áLet’s all welcome Cathy Doll! Alyssa and I trying out Cathy Doll products

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