Mannequin Challenge!

I know… everyone seems to be on holiday mode! So, today let me share something light and funny! Hehe! A few weeks ago, my friends and I decided to hit the beach for a quick getaway and for our Christmas party!

Let’s Talk About Food And Music

Food and music always go well together, right? Let’s talk about food and music today, shall we? 😉 Greenwich Crispy Thins Greenwich Crispy Thins now comes in five flavors –  Signature, Hawaiian, All-Meat, 7-Cheese and Pepperoni. Less crust means it’s bursting with flavor! And what’s the best way to eat pizza? It’s when you share it with your barkada.

Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour Experience

I’ve always been a big fan of Katy Perry. Listening to her songs in the morning gives me that energy I need for the day. Yes, it works like coffee! Haha! Well, that’s how I love Katy and her songs! Ever since I learned early this year that she will be back in the Philippines for her Prismatic World Tour, I’ve been…

Enjoying Music Through SPINNR

I guess most of us Filipinos, if not all, share the same love for music and Smart surely knows that. Earlier today, they launched SPINNR, the Philippines’ first mobile-linked all-in music services.

Rihanna and Chris Brown Concert Update

Never thought TicketWorld would release details on the Rihanna and Chris Brown concert this soon. Such a big disappointment! The most awaited event will happen at the Fort open field… standing only! And on a Sunday! But why the hell should I complain right?! It’s still a back to back concert from the hottest artists around the world! I think I should…

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