Milk Bath at Pooch Park

Who wouldn’t want a milk bath?! Unfortunately, it’s not for me. This baby boy was lucky to experience milk bath for the first time!

Christmas 2016

Before everyone gets busy (and before I head out for my super last minute Christmas shopping), I and my little santa, Tommy, would like to greet everyone Merry Christmas!!! Trust me, Tommy’s happy and excited! LOL!

Tommy’s Spook-Tacular!

Tommy’s spook-tacular and ready for Halloween!!! He just had his grooming recently at Pooch Park.

Christmas 2012

Sorry for being MIA. If you read my previous post, I was fixing my gifts up to the very last minute. I don’t want to hold you guys for so long today since I know everyone’s still busy with parties and reunions. But before the day completely ends, I want to greet everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS! Better late than never! 😀 I hope…

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