No doubt, I love makeup, BUT no matter how passionate I am with it, I don’t wear makeup 24/7. Skin still needs to breathe, you know! Also, it’s not everyday I have the luxury of time. In fact, if you see me strolling in a mall on a Sunday, chances are I don’t have makeup on- just sunblock and lipstick. On ordinary/casual days, concealer, powder, blush and lip gloss are just what I need, but of course, liberating yourself from too much makeup doesn’t mean you have to look stressed out. The usual trick is to put on sunnies, which I love doing…

wearing the iconic Ray-Ban Avaitor


But seriously, it doesn’t look cool to wear sunnies inside a covered area, like inside a mall, building, etc., or at night, of course! Why not wear fashionable frames instead? That’s exactly what you’ve seen in My Kind of Casual Weekend outfit post! 😀

Gone are the days when eye glasses were just necessity for medical needs. Eyewear has now been a fashion and beauty accessory that adds instant “oomph” to any look. And when it comes to eyewear, Ray-Ban has made a mark in the fashion industry, giving a wide range of options that can express your personal style- from iconic to stylish Ray-Ban frames. I, myself, had a hard time choosing from all their frames. I never thought they have so much frames available, seriously!!! For those who opt for a simple, clean look, they have a lot of gunmetal, slim, or light-colored frames. For the bold and fashionable, they have various frames that are really eye-catching! You can choose from different designs, colors, and styles. Just take a look at this cat eye frame from Ray-Ban…



See, who said you need makeup all the time? Those sleepy, tired eyes aren’t noticeable at all behind those gorgeous frames! When I’m in a rush, I just put this on and I’m ready to go! Even when meeting up with friends, minimal makeup is all I need. Wearing eye-catching frames bring style and flair to my overall look. Here are more photos of my new prescription glasses from Ray-Ban.







Now, as promised in my previous post, I’m also giving away stylish eyewear from Ray-Ban! Big thanks to our friends from Ray-Ban for making this possible! 😀 I promise, it’s really fasyon! I handpicked it myself and made sure it will suite both men and women so everyone can join!!! 😀 Here’s what you can win…







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