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Where To Stay In London

Finally, a travel post! I know, when it comes to my travels, my Instagram (@lush_angel) is more updated than my blog. My bad! But I promise, I’ll slowly share my travel diaries again here. First on my list is my UK trip. I...

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Travelogue: Windsor Castle

It’s travel weekend once again. I was trying to look into my albums on what I could possibly share today. I just realized I haven’t posted anything about Windsor Castle. I got this tour online for my second weekend...

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Travelogue: Budapest, Hungary

Finally, I’ve reached the last stop in our Eastern Europe tour before we went back to Vienna, Austria. As the saying goes, save the best for last. For others, they find Budapest, Hungary as the best in Eastern Europe in...

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Travelogue: Kraków, Poland

Kraków (also known as Cracow or Krakow) is the second largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland. It has numerous historic sights, which are evident in their Gothic and Renaissance architectures. Some call it the “New...

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Travelog: Prague, Czech

After our heavenly shopping and sightseeing around Vienna (as I shared in my previous post), we crossed the Czech border. Passed by Bohemia and Moravia until we reached Prague, the capital of Czech. This is where I have...

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Travelog: Vienna, Austria

Time flies sooo fast! I can’t believe two years have already passed when I last went to Eastern Europe. And yes, it’s such a shame that it’s only now I’m sharing some of my travels. I just thought this...

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