Time flies sooo fast! I can’t believe two years have already passed when I last went to Eastern Europe. And yes, it’s such a shame that it’s only now I’m sharing some of my travels. I just thought this would be a good opportunity since I’m back on vacation here in my first love, Europe. I honestly never thought I’ll be back so soon. My mom just thought she wanted to visit her “home country”, Spain. Her mom is Spanish and I really wonder why I didn’t get any features from her side! Ummm… At least some more height would be nice. Some say it’s my nose, but still, I’d rather get the height! LOL! 😀 Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy as I start sharing my travels here. 😀

My first stop for our Eastern Europe tour was Vienna, Austria. We arrived in the city around 7:00am. Our tour guide brought us first to the famous shopping area since our hotel check-in was 12:00 nn. ZOMG! I remember when I went to Salzburg, Austria in 2006, there was also a similar shopping haven too (near the Mozart Museum area). Now, imagine my face when I thought of “Austria” and “shopping”! I’m not so sure if it was a good idea that shopping was the first thing in our itinerary. Almost all the brands on top of my head can be found there, such as Zara, Rolex, H&M, Tiffany, and their lovely local stores with hefty price tags. It was just so hard to shop and walk around because of the cold weather at that time. Well, of course, the technique is to go inside the stores to keep warm, but obviously, going inside the stores would mean temptation to buy. Haha!

vienna austria shopping

Oh, can I just say?! H&M was everywhere in that same area!!! Obviously, our first day was already H&M shopping. LOL! 😀

vienna austria h&m

Half a day here is definitely not enough! The next day, I specifically requested our tour guide to bring us back to that area for a last minute shopping before we head to another city. And there, I ended up with my Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag. My love for that shopping area did not stop there. Our last day in Europe, we were brought back to Austria. And yup, you guessed it right… I asked the tour guide for a short shopping stop again. I guess it was a bad idea because I ended up having my Louis Vuitton Trevi. Hehe! 😀

vienna austria kohlmarkt shops

Of course, Vienna is not all about shopping. We went for a city tour and visited the Shoenbrunn Palace. It was not as big and beautiful as the popular Versailles Palace in France, but they look very similar. I think a lot of palaces in Europe were patterned after Versailles. But like any other palaces, Shoenbrunn is still worth a visit as every palace has its own story to tell.

Shoenbrunn Palace Shoenbrunn Palace austria

Here are more photos around the city…

State Opera House (which, by the way, is very near the shopping area) Haha! I just had to say that, huh?!

state opera house vienna austria

Museum of Natural History & Contemporary Arts,

museum of natural history and contemporary arts vienna austria

Maria Theresien Platz

maria theresien platz maria theresien platz vienna austria

Belvedere Palace

belvedere palace vienna austria belvedere palace austria

inside belvedere palace belvedere austria

And since my family and I are Catholics, part of our tour is to visit the famous Churches around. One of the popular Cathedrals in Vienna is the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, also known as Stephansdom.

St. Stephen's Cathedral austria

Stephansdom vienna

Stephansdom austria

inside St. Stephen's Cathedral vienna

Oh, I just love Vienna, Austria! Well, aside from the fact that I found my gorgeous babies at Kohlmarkt, the sights are simply mesmerizing! 🙂