After our heavenly shopping and sightseeing around Vienna (as I shared in my previous post), we crossed the Czech border. Passed by Bohemia and Moravia until we reached Prague, the capital of Czech. This is where I have experienced the longest walk in my entire life- really a lot of walking, more than my walkathon in Rome! Touring anywhere in Europe involves a lot of walking, but I guess nothing can top Prague. We walked for 7 hours, no sitting and only occasional resting. Tour buses were not allowed in the small streets of Prague, as seen in the photo below.


We started walking around 9:30am and got back to our bus by 4:30pm. Well, it wasn’t as exhausting as it may sound, probably because we were so amazed of the magnificent architectures as we walked along the streets. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe I’ve been to. I couldn’t help but wonder how is it possible to preserve such a place. A number of Hollywood movies was shot here, such as Mission Impossible, xXx, and Blade II.

Our tour began in Prague Castle. Oh, cobblestones are just sooo L-O-V-E! Quite hard to walk, especially when you’re in heels, but it’s just so Europe! 😀 I’m in love! 😀

pragueHere are more sights. I wish I could post everything here!

the beautiful St. Vitus Cathedral

czech-prague czech


inside St. Vitus Cathedral


St. Gorge Basilica


Daliborka Tower


the Astronomical Clock in the Old Town


Church of Our Lady of Victorious to see Sto. Nino de Praga.

our-lady-of-victorious-prague sto-nino-de-praga

How can you get tired when you see all these while walking???




Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia-capital

Of course, Prague also has a shopping paradise!

czech-republic-capital praga


Oh, there are just so many places to see in Prague! A day seems not enough to enjoy the scenery of this majestic city. It’s one city I’d love to go back. 😀