louis vuitton vienna austria

Yay, another Louis Vuitton damier for me… and now in Trevi PM! 🙂 But before I was able to bring home my new baby, there is a complicated story behind this purchase which I will be sharing first. Hehehe! 🙂 So read on…

Honestly, I was not supposed to buy a Louis Vuitton again. I thought that the two Louis Vuitton bags I have is enough. I was really targeting for a Balenciaga and a Chanel during my last vacation. Since I was able to buy my dream medium/ large Chanel classic flap bag already during my second day in Austria, I was determined to look for a Balenciaga boutique for the entire trip. Two weeks have passed and our tour guide was not able to bring me in a Balenciaga store.  Well, there are a few Balenciaga stores  in Eastern Europe but it’s just quite far from the places we went to. For some reason, their boutiques can’t be seen in most shopping areas where other designer brands can be found, such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci. In fact, the one and only shopping area that we went to where a Balenciaga boutique could possibly be found (based on my research), closed! Darn! When I called the contact number I got from the internet, a new tenant already occupies the space and told me that Balenciaga transferred to another district which is quite far if we were just going to walk. Argh! How lucky, huh?!

My luck did not stop there! On our last day in Europe, I requested our tour guide to bring us back to Kohlmarkt in Vienna because I realized that I’ll just be getting the beige Chanel GST I saw when I bought my flap bag, instead of that Balenciaga that somehow keeps on hiding from me. Anyway, we were really going back to Vienna since we would be flying from there. It’s just that the original itinerary was to stay in Budapest (Hungary) longer and be back in Vienna around 6pm. The problem: all stores close at 6pm! And because our tour guide prioritizes us, he adjusted our itinerary to get to Kohlmarkt by 4:30pm! Yay! 🙂

Well, just when I thought I would be bringing home another Chanel bag… I was surprised to see that almost everything on their display was entirely different when I went inside the Chanel boutique. I initially thought they really change their bags on display that often so I asked for the beige GST I saw two weeks ago. When the SA said “Everything was sold”, I wanted to shrink! 🙁 I looked around if I wanted something else that were available at that time, but na-da! Time passed so quickly and we left Chanel almost 6pm. I went outside thinking I won’t be bringing home another bag, but when I saw Louis Vuitton just in front of Chanel, a light bulb popped out my head! LOL! 🙂

When we tried entering LV, the guard did not want to entertain us anymore as they were already closing. It was 15mins to 6pm at that time and he explained to us that their system automatically shuts down at 6pm. That means, it doesn’t matter if a customer have been choosing a bag to purchase since 4pm. If she doesn’t pay before 6pm, all the time she spent in there is wasted. Anyway, I just told the guard that I knew what I wanted already, even if it wasn’t true. I totally did not have any idea what to get! Well, I had one in mind, which is the beautiful and spacious Neverfull, but unfortunately they only have it in monogram. While I was glancing through the bags available on their display, I saw this Louis Vuitton Trevi in Damier. I pointed at it right away and paid for it! Hehehe! 🙂 Yah, that fast! In fact, I didn’t even know the name of this bag when I bought it. When I saw it, I just knew I liked it. In short, LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! LOL! 🙂 Take a look at my new baby below. Isn’t she gorgeous? (I really sound like a proud mom… hahaha!) 🙂

louis vuitton trevi PM

There are two sizes available for this style. Trevi comes in PM and GM. Well, for those who have been following my blog, big bags have always been my choice. Ummm… Okay, not all the time as I bought the medium/large classic flap bag instead of the jumbo. Hehehe! If you have read my post about it here, I have valid reasons why I settled for the medium so it really depends. Probably, it is more of- I love carrying around big bags for my casual or day activities. Anyway, going back, when I saw the two sizes of Trevi on display, without a doubt, I chose the PM. Geeesh, the GM is just way, way too big!!! Well, the GM is great for travel but when I tried it on, the bag itself is already heavy for me! I’m certain I couldn’t last carrying it even for half a day. Hehehe! Good thing I find the PM still very spacious. I’m so glad I found Trevi PM. Even without my Balenciaga or GST, my Louis Vuitton Trevi PM still made my day! 🙂 Imagine, having a love at first sight in Europe… Hehehe! It really is like a fairytale to me. LOL! 🙂