Geeesh! This is a very late post. I know I promised to post about my new DSLR early this month, but there are just too many things to do. Anyway, if you read my previous post about the PhotoWorld Asia 2009 and my dilemma on what camera to buy, here is the continuation on what actually happened…

It’s the second to the last day of PhotoWorld, and I was seriously restless already in the office.  I wanted to buy a cam so bad that I grabbed the phone and called one of the stores in that said tradeshow. I talked to the sales lady and asked for a Canon 450D. Since I didn’t want to spend that much moolah, I have decided that time to stick with the Canon 450D. My goodness! Was there any other person luckier than me at that time??? Canon 450D was out of stock. There was one left but the cam included an 18-200mm kit lens and so amounting to a little more than Php 60,000! No way!!! My heart almost shrunk but… yes, there’s a BUT… the sales lady said that their delivery would arrive in the afternoon! Oh, you should have seen me when I heard those words. My face suddenly lit up… real sign of relief! Due to my excitement, I called Arthur (the Boyfriend) right away to ask for a huge favor… that is to go to PhotoWorld during lunch time and wait for the delivery to arrive. But after talking to him, I was again confused on what camera to buy. I honestly do not know if he was doing that to me intentionally. Hehe! For some time, he was recommending Nikon D80 or Nikon D90, but there were also times that he would  suggest the Canon 450D. Oh my! Never ending confusion! And because my head was already hurting with all these confusions, I ended up telling Arthur to surprise me. I gave him the money, which is just enough to buy the Canon 450D, thinking he would not have any choice if I gave him the exact money.

My mobile phone was quiet the whole afternoon. No text messages nor calls from Arthur. I was going insane in the office trying to figure out what he actually bought. Right before he fetch me, he called me up to say “Welcome to the Canon family!”. Then I was trying to ask more questions but the line was choppy. Goodness! Why can’t the line cooperate with me?! But anyway, I immediately went down and left the office. When I got inside the car, he was already wearing the camera bag I sooo love! (Yah, imagine the process of deciding where to buy the DSLR was greatly dependent on the camera bag included in the package! LOL!) When I grabbed the bag from him, I noticed that it was quite heavier compared to the Canon 450D! And my intuition was right… when I opened the bag, he surprised me with Nikon D90! I kept on screaming out of excitement! Weeee!!! I love it! I love it! I love it! I instantly imagined myself bringing it in all my travels! Heaven! Click on the pictures below to see what I’m talking about. 🙂

nikon d90 box  nikon d90  nikon d90 petal hood

nikon d90  nikon d90 live view  nikon d90 top view

nikkor 18-105mm  samsonite dslr bag

So is Nikon D90 fit for a petite girl like me??? Definitely, YES! It has to be! I shelled out so much for this DSLR so I have to make the most out of it. This means more out-of-town and out-of-the-country trips… which again relates to more moolah to spend! Waaaah!!!

Well, I think my expenditure for this DSLR is well compensated because of the powerful specs of this Nikon D90. It may be a semi-pro DSLR but I still consider it user-friendly to newbies like me. It is even highly recommended at dpreview. If you want to know more about Nikon D90, you can also check out cameralabs. Oh, can I just mention that this camera is ranked number 11 at dxomark?! Weee! It is even ranked higher than Canon EOS 1D Mark III! Yay! So I guess I get my money’s worth just by mere reading such reviews! LOL! Well, I’m just trying to justify my spending! Bwahahaha! I will be posting more about my new toy soon. 🙂