First of all, I wanna apologize for not posting anything since Friday. Oh geesh, I have been extremely busy. First, I was on training from Wednesday to Friday. A tremendously exhausting training! Argh! Also, I’ve been going to Glorietta because of the PhotoWorld Asia 2009 trade show! Okay, I’m not an aspiring photographer (but who knows, I might get the hang of it). As of now, I’m just looking around, or more of, I’m trying to figure out what DSLR to buy for my vacation this coming summer. I have been planning to buy DSLR since early 2008 because I feel it will definitely be of great use since my family and I go on a vacation every year. BUT… because of my passion for bags, I opted to buy 2 bags during my last travel and promised myself not to buy DSLR until I will actually go back to… okay, I know I said in my previous post that I wouldn’t say it until I’m sure of it, but okay… Europe! There are no definite plans yet since I have not seen an itinerary that I like. Since the thought of traveling again excites me, I feel that I need to practice taking pictures. So there I am visiting PhotoWorld for 3 straight days (Thursday – Saturday) already… And yes, as of the moment, I haven’t bought a camera.

What bugs me??? First the question- Canon or Nikon? Some say, I have to go with Canon since I know more people using it. They could easily teach me and they could let me borrow their lenses. 🙂 Good point. As for the pro-Nikons, they find Nikon’s DSLRs user friendly compared to Canon. Also, Arthur might be buying Nikon in the future and we think it is better if we could share the accessories we will be buying. Oh, what a dilemma! For Canon, my only choice is 450D. For Nikon, my options are D60, D80, and D90. But there’s one particular feature that I think I will really need. The Live View! Why??? Well, simply because if my sister and I asked my parents to take a picture of us, they will definitely have a hard time looking through the view finder. So what’s left? Canon 450D vs. Nikon D90 (but still considering Nikon D80 because of the minimal upgrade from D80 to D90 and the 18 to 135mm kit lens). I know the price difference is kinda huge and I’m quite certain I won’t be able to maximize the features of Nikon D90. It’s the kit lens I’m after. I have always loved zooming on things and sceneries when I travel. But what’s stopping me??? I have a goal. That is to buy bag/s in Europe. LOL! Geesh! I totally can’t imagine my cash out these past few months… and the months to come! What a way to start 2009! LOL! But anyways, at this very moment, I have decided to just give the money to Arthur and to our friend, Vince. I’ll leave it up to them on what DSLR they are actually going to buy. I simply said, “Surprise me!”. Bwahahaha! 🙂 What a way to decide! I don’t wanna think anymore! I have not slept well for 3 nights already just because of this dilemma. So it’s up to the boys! 🙂 I hope by the end of the week, I will be able to share with you guys what I end up having. 🙂

For those who love or who are interested in photography, visit PhotoWorld Asia 2009 at Glorietta Ayala Mall in Makati. It’s never too late! Last day would be tomorrow. The players in the industry are there, such as Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, and Fujifilm. Of course, there are booths selling cheaper DSLRs compared to the others. Price war it is so better canvass before buying! Oh, and as a tip, better decide what to buy before going there. Don’t be like me! I tell you, DSLRs are selling like pancakes! Very surprising since we all know they aren’t that cheap. Also, if you already have a DSLR, you might wanna upgrade it or buy some accessories for it. I think this trade show offers almost everything you actually need. 🙂

P.S. Sorry I ended up having a looong post. Here I go again blabbing and blabbing… LOL! 🙂 I was just supposed to share the details of PhotoWorld, which is the last paragraph only. Bwahahaha!