slouch bootsAfter days of searching, I finally found what I have been looking for- a short black slouched boots! Yay! Well, for those who have been to the Philippines or who live here, some of you probably find me insane for wanting to buy a pair of boots. I know it’s freakin’ hot and humid here but I don’t intend to wear these here in my country. Actually, I have a couple of boots already but I have never ever worn them! Well, this new purchase is different… It’s suede. It’s short. It’s slouched, which is exactly what I have been looking for. It’s comfortable. And it’s flat… which means, perfect for my travels! We always join tour groups since we find that less hassle for us. No more planning. No need to make itineraries. Everything is well-planned but, as expected, all of our travels require a lot of walking, walking, and walking! Tour galore! LOL! 🙂 Well, I’m not complaining. I just need a nice, chic and comfy pair of shoes, especially now that I might be going back to ****** 🙂 I’ll just be talking about my next travel soon, when plans are definite. I’m still having a hard time looking for an itinerary we really like. But anyway, wherever we are going, I’m pretty sure these slouch boots would fit the weather. Thanks to my friend, Kristel! She bought one too in another style, which is why I ended up shopping at Zara. Oh, I got mine on sale! Too bad I ended up paying more even if it’s on sale… 🙁 To be exact, I got it for Php 3,650 ($ 75). I know it’s still expensive, but forget about the price! I just love my new short black slouched booties! Truly, a must-have for travelers! I’m now excited to go back to… wherever… Hehehe! 🙂

P.S. I’m not saying it’s a fashion no-no to wear booties here in Manila. I just personally find it uncomfortable because of the hot weather. This is the reason why I prefer wearing shooties here instead. LOL! But of course, if it’s a night out or if we are fortunate enough to have a cool weather (just like these past few days), hmmm… why not?!