So how was your Mother’s Day celebration last weekend? Were you able to make her cry out of joy? Hehehe! Though I wasn’t able to do that this time, I still made momski happy by telling her that I’ll be paying for our Hong Kong tickets and yes, she got surprised! It’s my first time to treat her for an out of the country trip. She didn’t want to believe me at first, and when she did, she just kept on laughing! Thank God I still made her smile, even if it’s just an Asian country nearby. Hehehe! So, this short trip should really push through! I just hope and pray the swine flu is gone by then. I need to travel and shop! I’m going crazy already! 🙂

old vine grille by cq eastwoodAnyway, enough of the talkies and let’s get down to business. We celebrated Mother’s Day at Old Vine Grille by Chef’s Quarter, one of the new restaurants in Eastwood Mall Veranda. Yes, at Eastwood Mall again! Hehehe! I told you, it’s our new fave mall! I think we already had enough of Shangri-la and Rockwell. Imagine, being there every week. Well, as expected, Eastwood was jam packed last Sunday. It wasn’t a surprise to us since that was a usual scenario every time there are special occasions like this. All restaurants were full and wait lists were up to 20-ish. Actually, that was our number last Sunday at Old Vine- #22 on the wait list to be exact! Geeesh! Good thing a lot of people already backed out and in just 30 minutes, our name was called. By the time we were seated, we were all hungry and ready to attack the buffet! Yay! 🙂

Old Vine Grille does not always have buffets. Well, most of the restaurants in Eastwood offer buffet whenever there are special occasions. Of course, they should take advantage of the tons of people celebrating. Old Vine’s buffet was already a good deal. They only charged Php 550++. Though there was not much food served in their buffet table, old vine grille foodeverything was really delicious! Well, we love meat which is why we love their food! Hehehe! 🙂 Steaks are their best sellers, but since we wanted to try their buffet, we had salmon head in tamarind soup, different kinds of gourmet salad, roast beef, lamb in curry sauce, pork stew, fish fillet, pasta, and various desserts, which include my favorite chocolate fondue! Oh dear, we were really full afterwards!

I’m giving Old Vine a three out of five rating. Some of the foods on the buffet table were not hot anymore and, as said earlier, there were not much choices of main dishes.  This does not stop me from going back, though. I have yet to try their ala carte! 🙂