The hustle and bustle of the city can be tiring and draining. This is probably the reason why I always have that strong urge to travel. Being a Manila girl, I just need that time and space to relax and unwind every now and then. And moments like this…



Although I love the party and happening scenes of Boracay, like laborday weekend (no doubt!), I also appreciate the beach during the quiet months. Well, for me, Boracay is always a good idea and a perfect escape – reason why Boracay is my self-declared province. LOL! In fact, I try to visit the island almost every year. And just before the year ends, I had the chance to see Boracay this peaceful and beautiful. Big thanks to AirAsia and Crown Regency Boracay! 😀

It was my first time to fly to Boracay through AirAsia. Although they do not have a direct flight to Caticlan (Boracay), the flight to Kalibo was exceptionally quick! Let me share with you my reasons why AirAsia’s worth it!



I, together with blogger friends, met at Terminal 4 in Manila. It was pretty packed, but thankfully, the queue was fast and easy. Thanks to the efficient staff of AirAsia! 😀 The flight attendants were also very nice and accommodating. Hey, you wouldn’t want to encounter annoying FAs! Vacations must be made of good vibes only!!! 😀


friendly reminders at the check-in counters


Self Check-In

Well, if you want to avoid long lines, AirAsia has several self check-in counters inside the terminal. They are very easy to use and self-explanatory. You just have to follow the step-by-step instructions you will see on the screen. After checking-in, you can go straight to the bag drop-off counter, which makes waiting time shorter. OR why not just check-in online? It’s available 14 days before your departure date until 4 hours before departure. AirAsia also has a mobile application for easier, faster access when you’re on the go. Plus, you can check-in on your mobile up to 1 hour before your flight!

Oh, and if you’re worrying about printing your boarding pass (which is always my problem), you can choose the option (smart phones only) during your web check-in process to get a 2D barcode so you can scan and print your boarding pass at the airport. Yay! 😀


On-Time Flights

I hate delayed flights. For me, time is precious. It can never be bought. Being able to get to my destination in time is very important to me. Just imagine this scenario. You’re only spending two days and one night to wherever you’re going. You got an early flight to make sure you can make the most out of your short trip . Then while at the airport, you hear an announcement that your flight is delayed. By the time you get to your hotel, it’s already late in the afternoon. So, what’s left in your itinerary?! See how important it is to have on-time flights?

I was so pleased that our flights to and from Kalibo were on time. In fact, we touched down Kalibo 25 minutes earlier than our scheduled arrival! This means, more time to enjoy the paradise! 😀



Just like in any airline, safety must be a top priority. During the entire flight to and from Kalibo, I didn’t feel like I’ll be having a heart attack. Haha! No, seriously. The weather wasn’t that good when we left Manila. There was tropical depression at that time but I barely noticed the turbulence. And best of all, we landed smoothly! Kudos to the pilots of AirAsia! 😀

“Our fleet of Airbus aircraft fully complies with the conditions of the International Aviation Safety, and is regulated by the internationally renowned Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation. We have renowned international partners for aircraft and engine maintenance, and made significant investment to ensure the safety of our planes.”


Seat Options

I love getting the window seat. Although I sleep most of the time during a flight, I try my best to always capture this kind of view. Oh, and take note, sunrise and sunset are the best. The colors are just sooo magical up there. I requested for a window seat at the check-in counter and AirAsia’s ground stewardess patiently looked for a nice seat for me. 🙂 Yay, thank you! 🙂


Oh, and noticed the red seats in front of the plane? AirAsia offers premium seats for passengers to enjoy extra legroom. Hey, not all budget airlines have that! They also get the privilege of being to board the plane first.



If you have to stay put in a place for several minutes or hours, cleanliness is definitely a must. For both my flights to and from Kalibo, I noticed how well-maintained and clean the planes were. They actually look new.

Onboard Meals

AirAsia has available meals onboard. I wasn’t able to try though since I was quite full at that time. But looking at their menu now, I kinda regret not ordering. 🙁



Since AirAsia doesn’t have direct flight to Caticlan (Boracay), they are offering transfer tickets to Boracay onboard. For PHP 520, the ticket includes practically everything to bring you to your hotel in Boracay – bus ride, boat ride, environmental fee, terminal fee, and van straight to your hotel. With this, you can save time and avoid lines.

Now Everyone Can Fly

Being true to their promise “Now Everyone Can Fly”, AirAsia offers incredibly low fares! I can still remember how traveling can be so expensive several years back. Being able to travel around the world felt like it would forever remain a dream. Well, well, well, dreams are supposed to come true and AirAsia could be our fairy godmother. LOL! 😀


After a quick and safe flight, I’m back at my self-declared province! Haha! Ahhh… Words are not enough to describe my feelings whenever I’m here in this paradise. 😀




This just proves that to be in a paradise does not have to cost a fortune. Thanks AirAsia! 😀 Oh, and as a tip, await for their promos too!!! The fares of their international flights are unbelievably low!!! You can use the AirAsia mobile app so you can grab their low fares on-the-go. We also used the app to check-in for our flight back to Manila so we won’t have to leave the island really early. 😉


Again, thanks AirAsia for the wonderful trip to Boracay! More about what happened in Boracay in my next posts! 😀

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