I know it has been a long wait for everyone, but uh-huh… The revelation is happening NOW! Hehehe! 🙂

BUT wait, let me tell you first the story behind this so be a little more patient with me please… Hehehe! 🙂

chanel_grand shopping_tote

When I was in London, I was really planning to buy my two babies there. Well, I went home with my Balenciaga as seen in this post, but she never met her Brit sister! LOL! Geeesh… God knows what I went through just to get hold of my other baby! Back then, I visited almost all Chanel stores in London just to look for her.  Take note, I searched for her every weekend during my stay there and sometimes even during my lunch breaks or even after office! Unfortunately, my dream bag was always out of stock. 🙁 The Chanel SA’s in Selfidges and in Old Bond St. informed me that whenever deliveries arrive, the bag I wanted would vanish in just 2 hours! Unbelievable! So maybe it’s really not meant to be. But till the last minute I never gave up on my baby. I was hoping to meet her in the airport terminal. In the end, my dream of having my baby suffered the same fate as all bags in the Chanel store 2 hours after delivery, it instantly vanished. 🙁

I came back to Manila with a heavy heart knowing I got so close of grabbing hold of my Chanel bag. Each day, I would just stare at the wallpaper (a picture of my beloved baby) on my computer and wonder when I can have her. At times, I would feel down knowing that the only time I would be able to buy her is when I go to Europe for vacation with my family, which won’t happen anytime soon. 🙁

When I was about to give up on her, I found out that one of my supervisors from another team had to go to London for training. I thought I could probably take my chance and ask her to get my dream bag for me. I had some pounds left from my previous trip to London and I couldn’t exchange it to Pesos anymore. Just imagine, the rate now is only around PHP 68  to GBP 1! When I left, it was about PHP 81 to GBP 1! Do the Math!! I would definitely not exchange my pounds right now! I don’t want my money to be idle though so I need to invest it somewhere! LOL! 🙂 See, I’ve got an excuse!!! And take note, it is valid and it is a good investment since if I don’t buy my Chanel now, the price would probably increase next year (Bag hags out there know how fast these designer bags appreciate!)!

So I wasted no time in asking her if she could bring home my baby for me and gave her my remaining pounds. I knew though that she won’t be able to buy it. Hello?! I visited various Chanel stores every weekend for almost two months and not even a glimpse did I see that bag! And I won’t expect her to visit every Chanel store for me! Hello?! That’s too much! I just told her, if it’s out of stock in the first Chanel store she will go to, she shouldn’t bother looking for it anymore since I don’t want her to be hassled. Besides, chances are there really won’t be any stocks! But in my heart what I actually wanted to tell her was… “Please can you check everyday in Chanel if they have stocks? Please…please….” LOL! Hehehe! You might ask then, why bother asking her to buy it for me if the chances of her finding it in stock was practically zero? Well, I felt something different this time. I knew I was going to have it this 2010 since while I was having my much needed beauty sleep  one night, I dreamed of her! I knew instantly that it was a sign from the heavens above that it will come true. Hehehe! 🙂

Two weeks before she got back here in Manila, she already told me that my bag was out of stock. Well, I wasn’t really that disappointed since I expected that already. I was thinking of just keeping the money and wait for the pounds to appreciate one day. Hehehe! And maybe, just maybe…that bag is really not meant to be for me and I was mistaken. I just told myself- Maybe the Queen B is the one for me! LOL! 🙂

Last week of April, she reported back to work and I was expecting her to give my pounds back. She called me and said, she has something for me. I wondered if it was my baby. I excitedly asked, “What is it?!?” 🙂


“Biscuits from Harrods!” 🙂 Oh, I miss that mall!!! Well, I won’t deny- I thought she would bring out my bag under her table! Wahahaha! Okay fine, I was hoping until the very last minute! Me and my never say never attitude. Hehehe! But NONE! NA-DA! Just the same, I’m thankful to my trainer back in London who gave me these yummy biscuits. 🙂

At around 6pm, I heard my phone ring and it was my supervisor who just came back from London. She needed something from me. I admit this may sound bratty, but I was just fooling around when I said, “No bag, no extension!” She asked me to extend my deadline and I just gave her a deafening silence… LOL! But seriously, I’m not that bad you know. Hehehe!  Well, she thought I was serious… She just said, “No bag, no extension huh?!” After a minute or so, she went to my cubicle and placed this paper bag on my desk!


WAAAAH! Is this for real?! She bought it for me!!!! 🙂 My eyes almost popped out when I saw it. I was jumping for joy and kept on shrieking right there! LOL! Everyone was stunned and didn’t know what was going on. At the sight of it, I almost fainted and I couldn’t help, but it did bring me to tears. LOL!! Yes, it is for real… It’s the 2010 Chanel GST in silver hardware!!!!! 🙂 Woohooo!!!! 🙂 Not a lot of people in the office would understand me for reacting the way I did, but for those of you out there who can relate with me, words aren’t suffice to express the happiness and state of ecstasy I am in right now. 🙂 It really made my day! Or shall I say, my entire year! 😉

Anyway, here are some pictures of my new baby…

a few shots of my Brit baby…


the back…


the interior…


and the Rue Cambon Paris stamping…


If just looking at it makes you drool already, how I wish you could just smell the leather. My favorite scent in the world! LOL!!! 🙂