Now that I have finally revealed my newest baby, as seen in this link, let me give you more details of the new 2010 Chanel Grand Shopping Tote. I know, my previous post has gone too long because of my story. LOL! Apologies as I’m just too excited to share my love story with her. Hehehe! You just don’t know how long I’ve been wanting to get hold of this bag. If I remember it correctly, two years ago I already had my eye on the GST. I just have too many must-have bags on my list that it had to wait. Plus, if you read my short story, it was like serendipity for us. LOL! 🙂

Anyway, moving on… For those of you who have seen my previous post on my 2010 GST, you probably noticed that I got the silver hardware. I also love the gold hardware, but I just thought that since my 2.55 Medium Flap bag is already in GH, I’d go for the SH this time. For me, gold looks more formal and luxurious, which perfectly fits the 2.55 Medium Flap. And considering GST’s size, I use it for a more casual look. It’s perfect for shopping, movie date or office day. It’s like an everyday bag for me and the SH makes the look of it a bit laid-back. Well, of course my Balenciaga Giant City is more casual/ rugged, but you get what I mean? Well, this is just my opinion. 😉

Now, let me go to the details of the new 2010 GST. Let me start with the interior. The new GST has a different lining as compared to the Ottoman lining of the old model. Well, for most of the GST fans, this is such a wrong move of Chanel. The Ottoman lining is thicker and is said to be more durable as opposed to satin, which is harder to maintain. I don’t mind though since I don’t really put a lot of stuff inside it. I take good care of my bags. 🙂

Another addition to the new Chanel GST is this inside key hook, as seen in the picture below. The old GST only had a D-ring inside the bag, but now with the strap and key hook, you can attach your wallet or other valuable stuff inside your bag. It’s kinda the “anti-theft” feature of the bag. LOL! 🙂 Although it has a zippy compartment in the middle of the bag, the two sides are still wide open. With this strap attached inside the bag, thieves can never get hold of your wallet. Ummm… Well, unless they get the entire bag! LOL! Hope not!!!


Now, let’s go to the exterior changes of the 2010 Grand Shopping Tote. If you noticed in the pictures below, the CC signature logo of Chanel is now stitched onto the caviar leather itself. The old GST’s CC signature logo is more like a cut out from a separate piece of leather then stitched onto the bag. I actually find the CC logo in the new GST better than the old one. It’s more subtle. The CC logo of the bag is already big so maybe there’s a need to tone it down. The 2010 GST is not screaming “CHANEL” anymore, which I prefer. Oh, and one more thing. I think having the logo stitched onto the leather itself makes it harder to fake the bag. Well, that’s what I would like to think. Hehehe! 🙂

the new Chanel GST signature CC logo…


the old Chanel GST signature CC logo…


And last but not the least, my fave in the new GST- the new Chanel rings/ eyelets! From the neutral eyelets, it now has the engraved home address of Chanel, “31 Rue Cambon Paris”. I love! I love! I love! 🙂 See photo below…. Need I say more? 🙂


All I can say is, whether you have the old or the new, for me, GST is still GST and it is a wonderful bag! 🙂 Definitely a must-have for me! 🙂

Now, how much did this cost me?! Ouch! My hatest topic! Hehehe! Considering the price increase and how much I bought my Pounds, it definitely is a pain in my pocket! But as I said in my previous post, I don’t want my money to be idle. Never ever do that! So best solution, invest! LOL! 🙂 Kidding! Don’t quote me on that! Hahaha! Anyway, I got my 2010 GST caviar for GBP 1,475. You can get tax return though at the airport, but I wasn’t able to get my entire tax refund because my supervisor was taxed at the Philippine customs! Argh! 🙁

Anyway, check out the prices below of the new Chanel GST in the other parts of the world. Note that prices here could change without prior notice.

Paris – € 1540
London – GBP 1,475
US – $ 2,350
Hong Kong – HKD$ 19,700
Singapore – S$ 3,900
Australia – A$ 3,360