As promised in my previous post, I’m breaking-in my new Ed Hardy Sneakers. Hehehe! 🙂

My style? Getting rugged! 🙂 So not me? Well, I’m actually adventurous when it comes to what I wear. I really don’t have one signature style. I love experimenting, as long as it fits me well and I can carry myself. I can probably consider myself unpredictable. Well I guess that best describes me not only with the clothes I wear, but with anything else. LOL! 🙂

Anyway, I need to give you guys a warning. This post contains a lot of pictures!!! I can’t decide what to post so I uploaded most of it. LOL! In fact, because I have too much pictures of my rugged look, I will have to cut this post into two parts. I decided to change my top after a number of camera clicks- that I’ll be sharing in Part II. LOL! Oh and guess what?! Not all pictures have the “happy face”! Hahaha!!! 🙂 So, here you go… You can click on the photos to enlarge. 🙂

For Part I, I used a chiffon swing tank top so as not to look too rugged. I tucked in the front part and let loose the sides and the back of my top to get that relaxed look. Hehehe! 🙂 I then used my Chanel 2.55 Medium Flap bag to add glam to the entire look.

Oh, and if you are wondering where I got my chiffon swing tank top, it’s from our latest collection. 🙂 (Shameless plug!!! LOL!) If you’re interested, you can leave a comment below and I’ll reply ASAP. 🙂 Other designs are also available. 🙂


I have been looking for a distressed shorts for so long. Before I left for Bangkok, I found this really rugged-looking shorts at The Ramp in Shangri-La Mall. I actually saw this before, probably a month ago, but I had to let it go since I found it a bit pricey then. When I saw it again, it was on sale! Yay! See, it pays to wait! 🙂 You just have to know when most malls have their sale. 🙂 I got my shorts for about PHP 400+. Well, there were a lot of really cheap denim shorts in Bangkok, only about PHP 150! There were a lot of choices. You just have to be sure with your size since fitting isn’t allowed. Well, you can return the merchandise, but good luck in looking for the stall again! I didn’t regret buying my distressed shorts though, since there wasn’t anything like it. 🙂


Okay, I know I said some pictures do not have “happy face”. Well, there’s none right? I just had to use my new fedora hat, which I got from Bangkok. Hehehe! I actually bought two, as seen below. I already imagine myself wearing the white one when I’m out of town or when I hit the beach. Hehehe! 🙂 Guess how much these cost me?! The white one is only THB 80 or PHP 120 and the black fedora hat is THB 150 or PHP 225. 🙂


More pictures…



Just having fun… 🙂


closer look…


But of course, my necklace is an Eiffel Tower. 🙂 Wanna guess how much I got this in Bangkok??? Go! Go! Go!:-)

Jeng… Jeng… Jeng… Jeng…!!!

It’s just THB 100 or PHP 150! 🙂

With its price, I knew I had to get it! The motto of my friends and I while we were in Bangkok- “NO REGRETS!” Meaning, just buy whatever we want since we do not want to regret anything when we get back to Manila. LOL! 🙂 I also thought I really need to have this Eiffel Tower necklace as I need to be reminded that I have to go back to Paris soon! 🙂 Haaaay, could it be next summer please?! *** Lush Angel’s day dreaming right now…***


One last look of the entire outfit…


On Lush Angel: chiffon swing top from KAT; black tank top from Mango; distressed shorts from Pill (available at The Ramp); Ed Hardy Sneakers; braided belt from dear Atsi; Fedora hat and Eiffel Tower necklace from Bangkok; bronze bangles from H&M; leopard bangle from Primark in London; cocktail ring from Accessorize; Chanel 2.55 Medium Flap bag