Wee! Yup, this means I got the project! πŸ˜€ Thank you Lord for giving me another opportunity! πŸ˜€ Being a bum is not so bad after all. LOL! Ooops, don’t quote me on that. Haha! πŸ˜€ I’m pretty excited and nervous at the same time. It’s just sad that this would be the very first time I won’t be with my family for our annual vacation. As I said in my previous post, my mom decided to go somewhere near. She wasn’t really traumatized with our earthquake experience in Japan. I guess she’s just bothered now with all the natural disasters going on everywhere. She decided to go for a short trip to Hong Kong. If they pushed through the Australia and New Zealand trip, I would have a hard time giving up that vacation. Hehe! My project falls on the exact dates of our annual trip. πŸ™ Thankfully, she changed her mind. It was a blessing in disguise. Hehe! Oh well, just a little sacrifice. It’s not always that opportunities come our way. For me, I just need to grab them whenever I get the chance. πŸ˜€

Anyway, I need finish packing now. I’ve prepared some scheduled posts just in case I won’t be able to blog while I’m away. Almost everything in China is blocked. Huhuhu! πŸ™ Wish me luck everyone! πŸ˜€


Lush Angel