Here’s part 2 of my Cambodia, Siem Reap travel post. (You can see my Angkor Wat photo diary HERE.) I consider Bayon Temple as one of my must-visits aside from Angkor Wat. In fact, if you only have one full day to visit the city, I would recommend Angkor Wat, Bayon, and Banteay Srei (which I’ll share in a different post). Among the 3, Bayon Temple is my favorite and you’ll see why below.


Bayon was built in the 12th century, about 100 years after Angkor Wat. It’s located in the center of the walled city, Angkor Thom, which is said to represent the intersection of heaven and earth.

Angkor Thom gate



I’m particularly impressed with the smiling stone faces on the towers. Who wouldn’t?! Just imagine how people were able to create such huge carvings.

Anyway, enjoy more photos below!









Just outside the Angkor Thom gate, you can also go for an elephant ride. You can ride and simply take photos, which is about $5 at that time, or go up the mountains too. I wouldn’t suggest going for a long ride though because I really pity the elephants. 🙁 Maybe taking a photo with them should be good enough.


More of my Cambodia, Siem Reap Travelogue soon!

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