I know I have been posting all about sunglasses. Aside from my obsession with it, I just find it to be an important accessory. I would also want to give options to those who are trying to look for new and stylish sunglasses.

Another brand with fancy collection of sunglasses is Shanghai Tang. For those who are not aware, Shanghai Tang is a luxury brand that has a mix of both the Chinese and Western cultures. They are into clothing, accessories, home furnishing and other gift items.

Shanghai Tang has sunglasses for men and women. The Chinese symbols used in their glasses signify longevity, blessings, peace, well being, happiness, wealth and prosperity. Well, of course it is up to you if you believe in these things but these symbols have been a Chinese custom. And since I grew up in a Chinese culture, there is nothing wrong to believe in such. I mean, what is there to lose? 🙂 Some models of their eyewear even have real silk, again an expression of the Chinese tradition. 


Below are only some of the sunglasses Shanghai Tang offers. You can look at the variety of choices in optical shops carrying the brand or at Adora since their eyewear collection are not available in the internet. 🙂

Shanghai Tang Eyewear