If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@lush_angel), you’ve probably seen my baby boy Tommy. He is an adorable Miniature Schnauzer. He is probably the sweetest dog I have ever had. He loves to be cuddled – ALL THE TIME. He likes to get the attention of everyone – but not in a bad way. Whenever I’m in front of my laptop, Tommy would sit beside me and stare at me asking for some affection. Who can resist his puppy dog eyes???

pet-angel Well, I have a soft spot for dogs in general. I like to shower them with love. I give them my all (too dramatic but so true), which is why when they have to leave and rest peacefully, I’m always left broken. 🙁 In fact, you can see and feel how devastated I was when Dolce left me in this post: http://lushangel.com/2015/09/08/my-last-goodbye-to-dolce/. (As I wrote those lines, I became teary-eyed again. See, I just can’t get over!) I just want to make sure they feel well-loved  and happy all throughout their lifetime.

Today, I just want to share my latest discovery to all pet parents out there. Although Tommy is obedient most of the time, bath time can be quite a struggle, especially when I need to brush his hair. He gets so annoyed that he tries to get the brush from me. I’ve already tried various kinds of hair brush and comb, which I bought from local pet stores, but I still get the same reaction from him – until I tried Pet Angel. Thanks to my dear friend Marj of The Traveling Heels, who introduced me to this wonder tool! Hehe!

Tommy and his Schnauzer stare down… He just said I’m already over-sharing! LOL!


For those who are not aware, Pet Angel is actually part of the product line of Tangle Angel, a hair brush designed by Richard Ward, an award-winning celebrity and royal hairdresser and British media’s most-wanted hairdresser. So yes, Tangle Angel hair brush is used for our locks.

Tangle Angel features a unique undulation of long, medium and short bristles to produce its effortless detangling effect and its antistatic, anti-bacterial and heat resistant technologies mean that you can even blow dry with it. Proving an instant success upon its launch in autumn 2012, both in the salon and on UK shopping channel QVC, demand is such that Tangle Angel is now available in 24 countries, mainly sold through professional salons.

After several innovations, Richard introduced Pet Angel, which sells out like pancakes every time it goes to air on QVC UK. Customer feedback has also surpassed all expectations. Pet Angel Mini was also released for smaller pets and hard to groom areas.

Since my baby Tommy is supposedly “miniature” (although he does not look mini… LOL!), I got the Pet Angel Mini. Well, the size is just perfect since I need to concentrate on his beard, brows, skirt, and feet.


When I first saw Pet Angel, I honestly thought it’s just one of those fancy hair brushes. Well, it looks like a toy so please don’t blame me. Haha! I was surprised how easy it is to detangle Tommy’s coat whether it is wet or dry. Best of all, I know it is pain-free because he does not get irritated at all. Well, he wants to play with it since he probably thinks it is a toy. But the task of brushing his hair has never been this easy since he does not run around when he sees me holding the brush! In fact, he is excited when he sees it! Pet Angel also has anti-bacterial additives infused into its bristles to kill 99.9% of bacteria, so plus points to that! 😀


Yay for happy Tommy! 😀

Any of you who have tried Pet Angel or even Tangle Angel? Share your thoughts below!

Pet Angel is available in selected Browhaus and Strip stores only together with Tangle Angel, My Amazing Blowdry Secret and other Cult Favorites products. For updates, you can go to https://www.facebook.com/CultFavorites or follow them on @TangleAngelPh / @PurpleGroom / #PentAngelPh #PetAngelxPurpleGroom

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