On the way to the office, I noticed that the usual drive from Libis to Fort Bonifacio has been cut in half. My travel time which usually takes 45 minutes now only takes 20 minutes. It is indeed a sign that the summer has started. It then dawned upon me how much I miss being a student and having a summer break. For all those who are lucky to still have a summer break, this is a good time to fix your closet and sort out all your clothes. I’m sure you will find that lil’ black dress that you have been looking for ages or that acid washed denim shorts or skirt that you forgot you even had. Now is the best time to look for those old pieces that you haven’t worn for a long time or better yet ransack your mom’s closet and go with the vintage-look! 🙂

Here are some of my takes on going vintage. I usually associate vintage with earth colors for some reason so I would go for colors like army green, cream, beige or brown to get that vintage look. Since the lace trend is back, wearing lacey tops would be perfect for this look as well. It’s sooo Victorian, which I sooo L-O-V-E!!! One key with the vintage look is to mix and match. Mix the old with new pieces to balance it out so you won’t look like too much blast from the past. LOL! 🙂

One weekday, I decided to go vintage in the office. Actually, it was just an accident and I didn’t realize I was wearing vintage until I stood in front of the mirror! Hehehe! When I looked at myself on the mirror, I said to myself  “Ooooh, I’m like so vintage-y today!” LOL! You are probably now wondering what I looked like so here is my vintage outfit that day. 🙂


I cannot emphasize more how much I so so love my top and skirt in this look. I wore a cream lace top which I bought in Greenhills for only PHP 250. It’s such a bargain, isn’t it considering that I bought a black lace blouse a week before at Zara for triple the price! I know…So annoying!! 🙁 Oh well, looking on the brighter side of things, at least I was able to buy this top at a cheap price.  For my bottom, I wore an army green skirt from a stall in Market Market for PHP 300. How I ended up buying this skirt has a story of its own. Hehehe! I was forced to buy this when the zipper of the skirt I was wearing to the office suddenly snapped. Fashion disaster!! Emergency! I rushed to the nearest mall near our office – Market Market!. I frantically looked for a nice skirt to buy in several stores but to no avail. When I was about to give up, I chanced upon a stall selling this skirt to my relief! It was heaven sent! LOL! 🙂 When I asked the sales lady how much it was, I was surprised when she said it was only PHP 350. I expected it to be at least PHP 700. But being the thrifty shopper I am, I haggled the price further down to PHP 300.  With all the layering details and the quality of the cloth, it doesn’t look cheap at all. Definitely a good buy for me! 🙂


The cow tanned belt with huge gold buckle made my outfit look more vintage. The belt perfectly meshed my lace top with my skirt. I soo love this belt! In fact, the belt is indeed vintage! 🙂 I got it from my mom. She once cleaned her old closet and gave me all the useable stuff from her modeling days. Hehehe! Oh, and that includes the Gucci shopping tote I’m using here. See, it pays to ransack the closet of your mom or even your grandma’s! Hehehe! You never know what you might find in them. 😉


For my shoes, I used my tan suede shooties to go with my earth colored theme. I got this from my recent trip in Bangkok. A lot of my friends love this shooties due to its straps and eyelet-like details on the sides. They would even think that this is a designer brand, but no-no! It’s only around PHP700 when converted to pesos. Hehehe! 🙂

Lastly, I used my gold and brown bangles as accessories to complete my look. I bought these in London (H&M I think). I love mixing and piling up bangles since it adds “umph” to the entire outfit. It’s like the finishing touch of the entire look or the icing on the cake. Hehehe! 🙂 For me, not having accessories is like a having a beautiful house that lacks decoration. LOL! It pays to add small details to your look. It can make a difference from looking good to looking spectacular! Hehehe! 🙂